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Effective well construction requires wellbore isolation technology that is versatile, reliable, and cost-effective. For more than 50 years, Weatherford has designed and manufactured innovative zonal isolation technologies that ensure well integrity, save rig time, and boost safety.

Weatherford offers swellable well construction products and services engineered to meet well construction challenges in even the most complex environments. Our swellables portfolio incorporates industry-leading tool designs—including the industry’s only customizable, dual-fluid activated hybrid elastomer technology—with conventional oil swell and water swell technologies.

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Weatherford swellable well construction products and services ensure effective short-term annular seals and long-term microannulus isolation to provide wellbore zonal isolation and help achieve quality primary cement jobs.

Weatherford hybrid elastomers provide a new dimension of performance: They are activated by contact with oil, water, or wet gas.

They also provide the capability to fine-tune swelling rates and elastomer compatibility, which results in significant advantages for planning, reliability, and efficiency.

Swellable Well Construction swellable products

Swellable Micro-Seal® isolation systems offer simple, economical solutions for improving wellbore isolation by preventing microannular fluid and pressure migration between the casing and the cement sheath.

Swellable isolation seal units are distributed along cemented tubulars and provide a series of response points, or resistors, that ensure fluid or pressure is stopped wherever it attempts to enter the microannulus. The seals can be economically deployed as a system using proven mechanical cementing products.

Annular swellable packers (ASPs) offer the reliability and cost benefits of conventional swellable packers with the advantages of customized swelling performance and proprietary design features. Our one-trip, self-setting swellable packers address isolation applications in cased-hole and openhole wellbores.

Weatherford swellable well construction products and services provide versatile, reliable, and cost effective wellbore isolation technology for effective well construction.

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