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Zonal isolation with a reliable, high-pressure seal is vital to mitigate gas migration safely and cost-effectively and to prevent water or sand ingress that can damage the production formation and threaten well integrity.

Annular swellable packers (ASPs) use elastomer swellable elements that are activated by contact with certain wellbore fluids. Fluid contact causes the packers to expand and form an annular seal that creates a solid barrier for proper zonal isolation to enhance well integrity.

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The Weatherford suite of swellable packers provides versatile, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for wellbore isolation.

We offer a full range of one-trip, self-setting isolation packer configurations and options to provide great flexibility in addressing challenging wellbore geometries in cased-hole and openhole applications.

Weatherford annular swellable packers use the industry’s only homogenous hybrid swellable elastomer to provide a new dimension of performance—activation in oil, water, and multiphase environments.

This means the elastomer will swell to create a reliable seal regardless of the type of fluid encountered downhole. Other vendors who boast “hybrid elastomers” use alternating strips of oil- and water-swellable elastomers. Our patented hybrid elastomers, on the other hand, allow us to fine-tune swelling rates and elastomer compatibility—which results in significant advantages for planning, reliability, and efficiency.

Weatherford annular swellable packers enhance well construction in even the most challenging wells. Our industry-leading swellable packer technology and patented elastomer formulas provide permanent zonal isolation and strengthened well integrity.

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