RO-1HV Series Orifice Gas-Lift Valve


Provides enhanced performance to maximize the production rate and reduce nonproductive time 


  • Wells requiring equipment to be wireline retrievable
  • Wells that require high injection rates to maximize production rates
  • High-profile wells with high intervention cost

Features and Benefits

  • The complete assembly has been flow-performance tested and provides predictable gas passage for maximum well productivity.
  • The valve can be manufactured from various materials and customized to fit well conditions.
  • Integral reverse-flow check valve provides a barrier to tubing-to-casing communication for well containment.
  • The check-valve assembly is equipped with a combination modified-PTFE and metal-to-metal seal for maximum integrity.
  • An aerodynamic check dart—designed for proven flow performance from computational flow dynamics and physically tested—provides maximum gas passage and erosion resistance for maximum production rate and reliability.
  • The RO-1HV valve is compatible with all manufacturers’ gas-lift mandrels that meet American Petroleum Institute (API) 19G1 standards.

Tool Description

The Weatherford RO-1HV gas-lift valve is specifically designed for deepwater or other high-profile well applications. It is a wireline-retrievable valve with a 1-in. nominal outside diameter (OD). The valve has been flow-performance and erosion tested for maximum performance. The check-valve assembly is equipped with a combination modified-PTFE and metal-to-metal seal for maximum sealing integrity. These check valves were designed by applying computational flow-dynamics analysis and physical testing to maximize gas-passage capability and erosion resistance.

Weatherford RO-1HV gas-lift valves can be provided to meet API 19G2 V-1 certification, which is currently the highest standard in the industry.