Production Optimization

Appraise and Select a Solution

Every well is a new challenge that defies a single-solution approach. Yet too often, artificial-lift systems are presented as one-type-fits-all. We offer a comprehensive, industry-leading selection of tools, technology, and experience to ensure your asset is equipped with the optimum form of lift. We also let you test before you invest with our innovative optimization and testing services.

Using our optimization and testing service, clients increased production by 15% on average and lengthened the life of their assets
Switched between jet-pump and gas-lift with No tubing pulls in hundreds of shale wells in the Granite Wash play in Texas/Oklahoma

Install Additional Value

Life-of-well optimization often requires multiple artificial-lift techniques. We’ve developed common-sense solutions that help you reduce overall optimization costs. For example, installing a gas-lift landing nipple in original-well completion packages enables you to transfer a well to gas lift with only a minor workover.

Red Eye 2G water-cut meter automated measurements Eliminated sampling errors and provided more frequent data in Offshore UAE

Monitor in real time

We provide actionable well data with our reliable and permanent monitoring systems. Our OmniWell® production-monitoring systems detect changes in pressure, flow, temperature, acoustics, and seismicity, which helps accurately predict and diagnose production issues for the life of the well. We also measure the full range of water cut―from 0 to 100 percent―in commingled oil and water streams, using the innovative Red Eye® 2G optical water-cut meter.

i-DO® software provided full-field production tracking and Shortened the optimization cycle in a series of mature and complex gas-lift wells in Offshore Dubai

Analyze and Refine Your Technique

Roving work crews can be a relic of the past. Rather than waiting for unexpected declines in production and equipment failures, we offer a suite of proactive technologies. Our enterprise-wide, production-optimization software removes the guesswork from artificial lift and reduces downtime. These FieldOffice® systems―installed on over 480,000 wells around the world―provide accurate diagnostics, predict failure, reduce power costs, and identify prioritized-optimization opportunities on a daily basis.