Gravel-Pack Systems


Gravel Pack Equipment

Keeping formation sand in place and preventing solids from entering the wellbore is critical to improving operational efficiency and production. Gravel packing is an effective means of preventing formation sand from entering the production string.

We provide gravel- and frac-pack systems that suit a variety of well conditions and applications, from unconsolidated to tight sand formations, and in both conventional and unconventional wells.

Gravel Pack System equpment view

The Weatherford portfolio of gravel-pack and frac-pack systems provides choices to meet your specific sand-control requirements for cased-hole or openhole applications.

The hydraulic-release hookup nipple (HUN) circulating gravel-pack system is an economical, two-trip sand-control system for marginal wells that are relatively straight or only slightly deviated. The HUN system, which uses our robust heavy-duty service packer and gravel-pack circulating kit, is compatible with a wide range of Weatherford products.

Our single-trip Model 4P system features the BlackCat™ retrievable sealbore packer. After the gravel pack is performed, the BlackCat packer can remain in the well as the production packer for long-term, reliable performance. The packer and its crossover tool can operate in three different positions: squeeze, circulating, and reverse. The packer system can operate up to moderate rates and pressures.

Our WFX fixed-position sand-control system includes a retrievable sealbore packer that comes frac-pack-rated and suited for deployment. The system provides the operational advantage of a single, fixed-position reference point whether the downhole equipment is in circulating or squeeze mode. This greatly enhances the control, accuracy, and security of fluid and proppant placement during critical operations while simplifying tool operation. 

We give you the ability to design gravel- and frac-packing solutions in aging reservoirs at risk of high sand production or in new reservoirs with unconsolidated or troublesome sands.

Our comprehensive portfolio of gravel-pack and frac-pack systems enables us to customize completion solutions based on the unique characteristics of each reservoir and to provide optimal sand control for the life of your well.