Borehole Seismic Services


Microseismic Frac Job site borehole seismic services

Wireline borehole seismic services are an essential and growing part of reservoir evaluation, especially for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Of all the wireline services, borehole seismic delivers an industry-leading depth of investigation abilities and links the borehole-to-surface seismic measurements that span basins.

Weatherford microseismic, hydraulic-fracture mapping service brings together world-class seismologists, field operators, and state-of-the-art seismic tools to record, process, and interpret microseismicity from single-staged or multi-staged hydraulic-fracture stimulations. This service provides 3D renderings and animations of fracture-network initiation, growth, and in-filling.

Multiple Geophone Sondes borehole seismic services

Our borehole seismic service places multiple geophone sondes in an array configuration in the wellbore and clamps the sondes to the casing or open-hole surface.

The geophones record seismic activity generated by either artificial, impulsive-seismic sources, such as borehole-sparker sources and surface vibroseis buggies (active seismic recorders), or the naturally occurring seismicity, such as microearthquakes induced by fluid injection or fluid withdrawal from the reservoir (passive monitoring).

Weatherford has the capability to deploy multilevel seismic arrays and seismic sources in various configurations to fit each purpose.


  • Monitoring hydraulic fracturing operations for real-time observation of the subsurface effects of surface pumping operations
  • Mapping anomalous well drainage patterns due to natural fractures and faulting
  • Evaluating stimulation program effectiveness
  • Defining efficient well placement for infill development
  • Correlating time-to-depth seismic surveys
  • Correcting time of synthetic seismograms from sonic and density logs
  • Correlating time-of-surface seismic surveys and well logs
  • Full-wavelet extracting of surface seismic surveys
  • Correcting target depths ahead of the bit during exploratory drilling
  • Correcting interpreted geologic horizon picks
  • High-resolution imaging of structure and sediments around and below the well
  • Calibrating modeling software to quantify fluid saturations on surface-seismic volumes
  • Calibrating modeling software to quantify and map-fracture densities on surface seismic volumes

Our innovative offerings include: The only purpose-built, borehole-microseismic arrays in the industry; the only in-treatment, well-microseismic monitoring; a microseismic spear array; and our Clarion system—the most robust and sensitive fiber-optic, permanent-seismic array.

Our modern, global vertical seismic profile (VSP) service is based on a core team of expert geophysicists, dedicated seismic-specialist engineers, and advanced, strategically deployed equipment. In local districts, we have placed easily transportable seismic-source kits, appropriate to the needs of our local clients.

SlimWave borehole seismic services

The Weatherford frontline SlimWave™ microseismic array uses the revolutionary orthogonal frequency-division multiplexed (OFDM) telemetry, which delivers extremely broad bandwidth-information streams up most standard wirelines used in the oil industry.

This telemetry flexibility allows high sample rate recording in the most remote corners of the world. A single array can be transported by air from one survey in the mountains of Colombia to remote Siberia and perform perfectly and reliably on completely different cable systems. We can go most anywhere.

Collaboration between Weatherford and a Russian operator has helped develop a fit-for-purpose well plan in horizontal-development programs.

By incorporating the observations and recommendations from the Weatherford microseismic-monitoring service into the drilling and completions strategy, the operator’s anticipated oil production rates increased nearly 400 percent in the first 90 days. This success has led other operators to adopt the technology more broadly, which has resulted in better production from their horizontal development programs.

For more than 20 years, the our Clarion seismic-monitoring array has led the industry in permanent, passive-seismic monitoring and 4D VSP projects in production wells, both offshore and onshore.

Weatherford offers accurate, borehole seismic services on six continents featuring a wide variety of deployment options for improving the performance of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. We combine this with state-of-the-art professional seismic survey design and stimulation supervision through our partnership with the world-renowned consulting service, Ely & Associates. By combining our array of openhole-logging options, logging-while-drilling (LWD), and geomechanical analysis capabilities, we make a complete picture of the reservoir behavior available to our clients. This helps provide enhanced wells, with less waste and improved economics.

Microseismic Servey borehole seismic services


  • Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Service
  • Well-Integrity Monitoring
  • Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP)