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A geologic model is only as good as the information put into it. So your data needs to be accurate and up-to-date. To ensure your data measures up continually, you need to reconfirm your geologic models and determine changes in zonal characteristics.

Openhole logging services use very sensitive wireline instruments to gather geophysical data of the formation penetrated by the borehole, which can have a wide range of diameters and geometries. Petrophysical evaluation services and fluid characterization and sampling allow you to acquire accurate data efficiently throughout the life cycle of the well. Geological imaging, on the other hand, acquires unmatched high-resolution imaging revealing your well’s structure and architecture.

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Weatherford provides precise subsurface evaluation services—during or after drilling in openhole or cased hole—with an integrated, efficient approach that maximizes your asset's potential.

Our openhole services feature proprietary systems that provide the superior data you need to increase recoverable reserves. Our precise openhole logging services include resistivity, nuclear, acoustic, borehole geometry, magnetic resonance, imaging, formation sampling, data delivery, and advanced interpretation.

Weatherford provides the most efficient and versatile logging solution to save significant costs in unnecessary drilling, tripping and “no log” wireline costs.

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Weatherford Assure conveyance options work with our proven Compact logging tools, enabling you to obtain a full spectrum of logs, even in complex trajectories.

Assure systems not only mitigate risks of lost-in-hole tools and “blind decisions,” but ensure data of the highest quality in challenging wellbores.

Collaboration between Weatherford and an operator has helped develop a fit-for-purpose solution in one of their horizontal development programs.

The operator had seen initial oil production rates increase nearly 40 percent in the first 180 days by incorporating the Weatherford Compact micro-imaging technology into their completions strategy. In fact, this success has led the operator to adopt this technology more broadly, resulting in better production from all of their horizontal-development programs.

Weatherford offers over 15 families of open-hole tools along with 10 conveyance methods and multiple service options for reliable, high-quality data acquisition and analysis that meet your needs and budget.



  • Assure Conveyance
  • Auxiliary
  • Acoustic
  • Imaging
  • Porosity and Lithology
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Resistivity
  • Testing and Sampling