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PreView Client Viewer 14.04.4365

PreView is designed to work with DPK, PBMGZ, PPMGZ, and tif (black, white, and color) files to allow the user to create LAS, LIS, and DLIS files from the DPK format. PreView also helps create client plots in their entirety for viewing on the screen and printing. It allows one or more image files of any length to be viewed side by side and allows the images to be annotated or manipulated. PreView has been tested with Windows XP, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit platforms), and Windows 7. PreView software includes complete, Web-based PreView help. The DPK format is proprietary to Weatherford.

PreView Download Manager 2.1.7674

PreView download manager (PDM) is designed to aid the download of files from This application allows the user to start and manage multiple downloads from multiple wells. PDM will also automatically attempt to reconnect to any disconnection or timeout, which results in never having to restart any of the file downloads. PDM also has the option to automatically unzip any compressed files as soon as they have been downloaded, so the files are ready to be used. It has been tested with: Vista (32-bit & 64-bit platforms), Windows 7 & 8 and includes a concise Help file. Support for Windows XP has been removed.

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