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Maximizing reservoir productivity, particularly in offshore and unconventional fields, requires complex well paths that expose as much of the reservoir as possible. Successfully and economically drilling and completing these multifaceted wellbores requires the experience and technology to execute under extreme and routine conditions.

The Weatherford Revolution® suite of rotary-steerable technologies provides industry-leading capabilities for drilling high-temperature/high-pressure (HTHP), and high dogleg wells. Revolution point-the-bit technology delivers accurate well placement and completion-ready wellbores in applications ranging from offshore and conventional to HTHP. Combining each system with near-bit inclination and gamma ray measurements, there is a Revolution rotary-steerable system (RSS) for virtually any application.

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Weatherford Revolution RSS systems enable drilling wells precisely and efficiently to target and leave a borehole that is smoother, cleaner, and easier to case and complete.

For all common hole sizes, Revolution Core RSS features top performing solutions for vertical, deviated, and horizontal drilling. The Revolution Core RSS helps assure larger operating envelopes, more completion options, and less nonproductive time (NPT). The Revolution V RSS allows vertical stability control without worrying about sliding times or excessive dogleg corrections if the well deviates. Revolution V measures deviations through the entire well profile and automatically corrects to stay on target while maintaining consistent pace of rotary drilling.

The design and development of the Revolution RSS began by perfecting the smaller 4 3/4-in. RSS which led to improvements including the development of the industry’s first 30,000 psi-rated, rotary-steerable tool featuring high-temperature capabilities.

The Revolution Heat RSS is the industry-leading HTHP performance steerable tool. Revolution Heat enables drilling in wells exceeding 300°F (149°C) while providing real-time monitoring and well-deviation control as well as near-bit inclination and gamma ray readings. For maximum reservoir exposure and deeper kickoffs, the Revolution 16 RSS is the industry’s first 16°/100-ft, build-rate-performing steerable system.

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Reducing the need for sliding, improves drilling performance and shortens the amount of time it takes to drill a well.

The Revolution slide-reduction tool (SRT) provides continuous motor rotation in standard and unconventional wells for low-cost applications. As the ideal solution for wells with shorter laterals and lower build rates, the Revolution SRT provides 3D-directional control with full drillstring rotation, reducing the need for slide corrections.

Weatherford Revolution RSS provides faster, more precise drilling for any type of well. From conventional to offshore, Revolution RSS reduces the need for multiple drilling systems, which saves valuable time and money.

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Available Rotary-Steerable Technologies

Revolution® Core

High-efficiency, point-the-bit drilling with LWD

The Weatherford Revolution Core rotary-steerable system (RSS) features point-the-bit drilling technology for improved borehole quality, rates of penetration, and bit life. The Revolution Core RSS has a short, compact design that reduces the complexity of rotary-steerable drilling technology while placing critical logging-while-drilling (LWD) measurements close to the bit. Point-the-bit technology uses a pivot stabilizer to orient the drillbit axis with the axis of the planned well path, which optimizes the directional-drilling process and maximizes drilling efficiency. Relative rotation between the center shaft carries torque to the bit and nonrotating outer housing drive. A hydraulic pump generates the motive force to deflect the drillstring as programmed in the well plan.


  • Extended-reach, underbalanced, and tangent drilling

  • Drilling from vertical and building to horizontal

  • Formations requiring reduced slide intervals

Revolution Heat

Precision, directional drilling with LWD in challenging wells

The Weatherford Revolution Heat RSS enables precision drilling in high-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) wells. The tool improves hole quality, increases drilling rates, and provides better hole cleaning in extreme drilling environments. The Revolution Heat RSS has a short, compact design to reduce the complexity of rotary-steerable drilling technology, while placing critical LWD measurements close to the bit. The Revolution Heat RSS can be combined with a comprehensive range of advanced Weatherford HTHP LWD sensors to deliver a complete drilling-and-evaluation service in extreme well conditions.


  • HTHP RSS drilling projects

  • Extended-reach drilling in HTHP wells

  • Complete RSS and LWD evaluation in HTHP environments

  • Continuous real-time near-bit inclination and gamma ray

  • Formations requiring reduced slide intervals

Revolution SRT

Cost-effective, directional drilling

The Weatherford Revolution SRT (slide-reduction tool), with targeted bit-speed technology, offers an economic alternative to RSS. This system provides rotary well-trajectory control for a variety of different drilling conditions and full 3D directional control while maintaining drillstring rotation to effectively reduce drilling time and to mitigate lost-in-hole risk in problematic drilling environments. The Revolution SRT uses a positive-displacement mud motor in conjunction with a proprietary synchronized-motor rpm controller and directional guidance system. The system uses the Weatherford HEL (hostile-environment-logging)-MWD technology and the real-time, high-temperature azimuthal gamma ray (HAGR) sensor.


  • Simple 3D well-design applications, including vertical control, build/hold/drop, tangent, S-type, extended-reach drilling, and horizontal wells

  • Unconventional wells that require slide elimination in long tangent sections

  • Reduction of slide/correction intervals in horizontal sections

Revolution V

Affordable, automated vertical drilling with LWD

The Weatherford Revolution V RSS enables cost-effective vertical rotary drilling that continuously and automatically maintains a vertical wellbore. The Revolution V RSS has a short, compact design that reduces the complexity of rotary-steerable drilling technology while placing critical LWD measurements close to the bit. Available on nearly any rotary rig, the Revolution V RSS actively measures and corrects any deviation to maintain a vertical wellbore through the entire well profile. The wellbore survey information is monitored by Weatherford wellsite directional drillers but does not require direct input for automatic corrections.


  • Automatically maintains a vertical wellbore

  • Eliminates motor correction runs

  • Continuously monitors real-time, near-bit inclination

  • Combinable with Weatherford LWD sensors

  • Can be run in standalone mode, preconfigured at the surface

Revolution 16

Enhanced drilling reach, control, and speed

The Weatherford Revolution 16 RSS allows deeper kick-offs and the drilling of complex build sections that result in more reservoir exposure and faster drilling times. The Revolution 16 RSS has a short, compact design that reduces the complexity of rotary-steerable drilling technology and improves trajectory control and wellbore placement. The Revolution 16 RSS can drill complex 3D wellbores with full bottomhole-assembly (BHA) rotation while approaching 16°/100 ft (/30 m). Complete shoe-to-shoe drilling in a single run reduces overall drilling time while drilling well trajectories that were previously unattainable. Continuous string rotation with the Revolution 16 RSS reduces drilling torque-and-drag, while providing better hole cleaning and improved borehole quality.


  • Deeper kick-offs

  • Increased reservoir exposure

  • Drilling from vertical building to horizontal in a single run

  • Near-bit inclination and gamma ray measurements for geological control

  • Motorized option available