Artificial Lift Systems


ALS Artificial Lift Systems

The industry produces hydrocarbons from wells that once might have been slated for abandonment. Operators need artificial-lift and field-operation management systems that are designed specifically for their asset to achieve optimal production.


Realizing the full potential of an artificially lifted well involves more than installation, control, and analysis. It requires the systematic design of the artificial lift system (ALS) coupled with a comprehensive, collaborative approach to managing field operations.


ALS systmes

Weatherford has teamed with operators around the world to develop a systematic optimization cycle for individual wells and entire fields in all conditions.

Our approach gives you the tools and knowledge to proactively increase production and reduce costs:

  • Evaluate current artificial lift performance

  • Design a customized artificial lift system, based on current and projected characteristics

  • Monitor well activity and reservoir changes

  • Quantify and analyzing artificial lift system data

  • Control well operation in real time

  • Manage operations workflow

  • Use historical data to make better-informed decisions


We provide innovation, inventory, and expertise for every form of artificial lift, in any reservoir, anywhere in the world:

  • Electronics that enable intelligent wellsite optimization

  • Robust sensors that monitor artificial-lift systems

  • Software that delivers real-time monitoring, analysis, and control 

  • Talented, dedicated, and well-trained artificial lift technicians and consultants


We designed a complete system to enhance artificial-lift performance. This series of full-circle processes includes steps for appraisal, system selection, design, monitoring, analysis, and adjustment.  

Our approach gives you the tools and knowledge to proactively increase production and reduce costs.


Our innovations include the unloading selector for gas well deliquification. This is a simple online process that analyzes your asset data and then recommends a form of lift that is best suited for your well.


We are the only single-source provider that offers extensive solutions for all forms of artificial lift. With more than 730 manufacturing, service, and distribution facilities around the world, we offer global expertise, economic value, and operating efficiency. We deliver engineering, manufacturing, and application expertise for any asset, anywhere in the world.