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COROD Services Installing Equipment

The right tools, knowledge, and services are essential to producing your assets, especially in the challenging applications in which COROD® continuous rods excel.

Our COROD well services have more than 360 state-of-the-art service units that ensure the right installation every time. We offer a comprehensive service package that includes delivery units, trailers, flushby units, and on-site welding units.

COROD Services setting up

Weatherford provides timely, cost-effective service options, with a proven track record of exceptional performance.

Our comprehensive COROD® installation service solutions are supported by a technologically advanced equipment, quick mobilization, high levels of automation, reliable transportation solutions, and an experienced, highly trained staff for safe, accurate installation.

Our COROD well services provide fast mobilization times, which reduces nonproductive time.

We built a high level of automation into our delivery services and equipment fleet. Our transport trailers are designed to ensure that our COROD rods are secured and protected during transit.

Weatherford COROD well services provide comprehensive installation solutions supported by quick mobilization, high levels of automation, and reliable transportation solutions. 

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