Pressure Truck


Compact, agile unit for performing fast, efficient service work without sacrificing performance


  • Light well interventions
    – Killing wells
    – Production flushing
    – Tubular pressure testing
  • Miscellaneous service jobs
    – Fluid transportation

Features and Benefits

  • The low-volume, high-rate triplex pump on this unit can achieve a maximum pressure rating of 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa).
  • The fluid tank, equipped with two compartments and a digital fluid totalizer, can hold up to 65 barrels (10.3 m3) of fluid between both compartments.
  • The ergonomic and practical design of this unit minimizes pinch points and risk of injury.

Tool Description

The Weatherford pressure truck is the latest model in our pressure-related service fleet. This single equipment unit includes a tank and a pump. The unit is compatible with vertical and slant wellhead configurations for oil, gas, and coalbed methane (coalseam gas) wells.

The pressure truck supports a wide range of service applications, such as production flushes, tubular pressure testing, blowing drains, filling tubing and flowlines, and hydrotesting on pipelines. The unit also works in conjunction with the Weatherford Mobile Gripper™ and Corig® units, coiled tubing units, and workover rigs.

The truck is equipped with a low-volume, high-rate triplex pump designed for high-pressure discharge manifolds and low-pressure suction plumbing. The pressure truck also includes a charge pump for loading and unloading fluid from the tank, and for priming the triplex pump.