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Mud pumps and surface transfer pumps are a critical part of any drilling and production program, which makes their reliability a key element of peak operational performance. 

Surface transfer pumps can move large amounts of fluid through the creation of positive pressure, which assures flow at the surface, regardless of well pressure. 

Mud pumps ensure that drilling mud is circulated to the bottom of the hole and to maintain the right pressure and volume to safely carry debris from the wellbore.

Pump and Fluid Systems unit

The Weatherford pump and fluid systems group offers one of the largest lines of reciprocating power pumps available, including more than 30 distinct triplex and quintuplex, piston, and plunger models of surface transfer pumps and mud pumps.

From caustics to crude oil and from cryogenic to boiling, our pumps deliver power and reliability in the oilfield, food service, municipal, and chemical industries, to name a few.

We deliver a comprehensive selection of pumps along with decades of experience.

Our extensive stock of surface transfer pumps—including those made from premium materials such as duplex stainless steel, nickel-aluminum bronze, and carbon steel—ensures that you get the pump you need when you need it, not a fabrication order. 

Pump and Fluid Systems  technology

Our Ellis-Williams™ quintuplex mud pumps feature a five-piston system that reduces mud-telemetry noise and pulsation by 25 to 70 percent, which gives you faster downhole communication for better MWD and LWD data and ultimately more precise geosteering.

Our pumps improve flow rate by 40 percent, which can reduce the number of pumps and total power draw at the wellsite.

Weatherford offers a full line of premium expendables and service parts for most makes and models of mud pumps.

We stock various styles of valves, pistons, liners, piston rods, and wear plates, as well as all fluid-end seals and gaskets. We also offer a complete selection of fluid cylinder modules and major service components, such as crankshaft assemblies, gear sets, bearings, and connecting rods.

These parts combine the high-quality materials and manufacturing expertise used in our own pumps. Whether you run Brewster, Emsco, Ideco, Gardner-Denver, National Oilwell, LEWCO, or Wirth pumps, Weatherford is a one-stop shop for all the parts needed to keep your pumps running.

Our technical expertise, experience, and proven products ensure reliable pumps for your operations. We maintain a comprehensive stock of specialty and multiplex pumps, progressing cavity pumps, and horizontal surface pumping units that can pump virtually any product or fluid at any pressure. 

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