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Software systems help streamline workflows and maximize production. An enterprise-wide, integrated suite of software applications can help you increase production optimization effectiveness and efficiency across all well types and field designs.

Our comprehensive software systems combine real-time analysis and historical data to help optimize production at the well, reservoir, and field level whether you work from the wellsite or from a remote office. 

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The Weatherford Field Office™ software suite consolidates operations and engineering workflows to provide a path toward total field optimization across all well types in every production basin in the world.

We created the Field Office suite to help optimize producing assets. The suite provides both real-time and mathematical simulation models to minimize lifting costs and costly downtime.

The Field Office suite offers a comprehensive set of operating, analysis, and engineering applications available for total field optimization.

weatherford software

We continually strive to create the ultimate production-optimization software. That's why we respond to customer needs and industry evolution with new updates to our systems and applications.

For example, we’ve made significant advances in our artificial-lift analysis workbench (AWB) to address the quickly evolving requirements for liquid shale production and also help operators maintain cost efficiency.



The Weatherford Field Office™ software suite provides a consolidated package of technology that helps you anticipate and regulate your production operations for any well type anywhere in the world.