Modeling and Planning


Modeling and Planning model Engine

It's crucial to predict and adjust field deliverability over the life of your asset. Total field optimization requires the use of well-modeling software applications, fluid-flow simulators, well-test applications, surface-network modeling applications, and discrete reservoir simulators.

With the aid of modeling and planning engineering software, wellsite operators are able to design a plan that analyzes every phase of the production cycle.

The Weatherford Field Office™ software modeling and planning engineering applications offer design and analysis features for both naturally flowing and artificially lifted wells.

The software uses fluid properties and well and reservoir characteristics to model the entire production network from the well to the processing plant. The software also helps you generate production forecasts for oil and gas fields and simulates the dynamic behavior and characteristics of the unloading process.

The Field Office software suite includes modeling and planning functions that consolidate individual operations and engineering applications.

The software combines real-time and mathematical simulation models to predict field delivery and optimize field production, minimizing lifting costs, and reduce downtime.

No matter the plays or production methods, Weatherford engineering software uses real-time and historical data to maintain well and reservoir models that help you proactively achieve field-wide optimization. 

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