Real-time Field Optimization and Operations


Real Time Field optimization software

Full-field production monitoring, control, and optimization is the goal. To achieve that, along with managing assets across an entire field, requires operations, engineering, and management to work as an integrated team.

Many of the repetitive and time-consuming processes of daily field operations can be distilled to automated functions. Our technology gives you a daily full-field analysis to predict potential issues and address existing optimization opportunities such as production problems, inefficient designs, and aging field equipment.

Weatherford Field Office™ software offers real-time, field-level optimization and operations applications. Our field-proven solutions integrate and analyze data that helps you deliver optimal production at the well, field, and enterprise levels.

Our applications monitor the entire field and provide access to a single, enterprise-wide data source to enable effective management of your assets.

Our single-platform Field Office software provides real-time surveillance, analysis, and operations applications that enable continuous field-wide optimization.

Real-Time Field Optimization and Operations software screenshot

Within the Weatherford Field Office suite is i-DO® intelligent daily operations software.

It provides easy access to key information—workflows, continual optimization, prediction, and guidance—that delivers maximum value from an asset. The suite also includes Well-Service Manager™ (WSM), which delivers utilities for planning, scheduling, and evaluating well services ranging from surface-oriented to more complex remedial downhole projects.

Weatherford real-time field optimization and operations software helps you anticipate and resolve production problems. It also helps you efficiently improve productivity in complex, interdependent-field environments.

Real Time Field optimization