Real-time Well Optimization and Operations


Real Time Well Optimization

Real-time well optimization and operations software helps you plan for, identify, understand, and overcome crucial challenges over the life of your asset.

Robust well management relies on analyzing real-time monitoring data, optimizing set points of flowing and lifted wells, and managing workovers efficiently.


Weatherford Field Office™ software offers real-time well optimization and operations applications that integrate and analyze data that enables optimal asset production.

Our innovative solutions provide actionable and easy-to-read production data.

Our real-time well optimization and operation systems provide comprehensive well monitoring, control, and analysis across all forms of production.

Real-Time Well Optimization and Operations software in use

The Field Office Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) incorporates applications that collect, manage, and analyze large volumes of real-time data from your field, production, and business operations.

Our real-time well optimization and operations applications provide optimization data and analysis that helps you mitigate and avoid production problems and maintain asset profitability.

Real Time Well optimization software