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Wells with extreme temperature ranges and high-pressure differentials can cause equipment failure and, in turn, threaten well integrity with costly consequences. These environments require robust, reliable liner systems that can get the liner to total depth safely and efficiently while withstanding harsh conditions.

Liner systems reduce costs by eliminating the need to extend a single, long casing string all the way up to the top of the wellbore. Instead, casing can be suspended inside the previous casing string to reduce material cost and provide greater flexibility when selecting the completion.

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Originally developed for harsh North Sea environments, Weatherford liner systems have evolved to succeed in quality-critical applications such as deepwater, shale, HPHT, and other tough well construction environments.

Our integrated liner-hanger, running-tool, and cementing systems are supported by our highly trained professionals and job involvement from planning to execution.

Weatherford is a true single-source, liner-hanger provider with equipment for virtually any application.

We combine our experience with liner-hanger, cementing, drilling, and tubular running products all under one roof. We improve system capability by designing and manufacturing every component of our liner-hanger systems and cementing equipment in-house. Our integrated product and services portfolio helps you reach total depth reliably, safely, and cost effectively.

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The Weatherford suite of liner systems includes the TruForm® expandable liner hanger—a stronger, more reliable, and more risk-free expandable liner hanger system that performs unlike any other.

Weatherford also offers the HPHT SwageSet liner-top packer, which features a proprietary seal that is swaged to the host casing to provide a positive annular-pressure barrier at the liner top.

We deliver a comprehensive portfolio, plus engineering and executional experience, that helps get you to total depth safely and efficiently.

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