New Compactâ„¢ Tool Provides High-Quality Imaging in Narrow, Horizontal and Deviated Wellbores

December 13, 2015
Weatherford Introduces Compact Oil-Base Mud Microimager

HOUSTON, December 14, 2015 – Weatherford International plc announced the official launch of its Compact oil-base mud microimager (“COI”), a slim-profile tool that delivers fullbore, high-definition images in wells drilled with oil-, diesel- or synthetic-base muds. The tool's 4.1-in. (104-mm) diameter enables deployment in a wide range of geometries including narrow, horizontal and highly deviated wells.

The COI, which joins the Company's established Compact suite of formation evaluation measurement tools, features eight pads with 72 total measurement electrodes that provide optimum coverage. The images can be further enhanced through Weatherford Reveal 360™ image processing. Reveal 360 technology uses structural and textural information in the measured parts of the image to reconstruct any gaps between pads.

Recently, the COI was deployed with other petrophysical measurement tools in an 8 3/4-in., oil-base mud (OBM) well in Latin America. The COI captured superior images of the geology compared to incumbent technology, which enabled detailed fracture analysis and stratigraphic interpretation. As a result of the image and interpretation services, the operator was able to reduce reservoir uncertainty and to optimize the completion design.

"The COI tool enables us to offer a more comprehensive logging program in OBM wells," said Olivier Muller, Global Vice President of Wireline and Testing Services at Weatherford. "By analyzing COI images, we can detail the structural, stratigraphic and depositional geology around the wellbore—even in wells previously deemed too complex for imaging services."

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