State Committee Recognizes Weatherford LWD Suite

February 18, 2016
Report on New Tools Approved by Expert Technical Board

MOSCOW, February 18, 2016 – At the crude hydrocarbons session held in Moscow on December 18, 2015, the Expert Technical Board of the State Reserves Committee heard and approved a report that demonstrated the effectiveness of Weatherford logging-while-drilling (“LWD”) tools for the estimation of hydrocarbon reserves in terrigenous reservoirs.

The report, which was jointly authored by Weatherford, Novatek and Yargeo, compared the initial geophysical data recorded by a suite of Weatherford LWD tools against conventional logging data performed in vertical and horizontal wells. The suite consisted of the HAGR™ high-temperature azimuthal gamma ray sensor, the azimuthal density (AZD) and thermal neutron porosity (TNP) sensors, and the MFR™ multifrequency resistivity sensor.

According to representatives of the State Reserves Committee, the data obtained using these tools during drilling and reaming in horizontal and deviated wells can be used by operator companies to accurately estimate hydrocarbons in place in terrigenous reservoirs. The data recorded while drilling and reaming with the Weatherford LWD suite is comparable in quality to the results obtained by logging after drilling using wireline and pipe-conveyed logging systems. Additionally, the suite enables operators to gather real-time geosteering data, promptly make necessary adjustments while drilling and record azimuth measurements. Azimuthal images are used to determine the formation boundaries relative to the wellbore and to characterize the properties of rocks along its perimeter.

“Using the Weatherford LWD suite helps to reduce well construction costs by eliminating the need for similar wireline or pipe-conveyed logging methods after drilling,” said Sergey Shaikhutdinov, LWD interpretation and processing services manager at Weatherford Russia. “This capability is especially valuable in the current economic situation, when operators are looking to reduce the cost of production drilling.”

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