Weatherford and Maersk Training Partner to Enhance Critical Well Preparation

November 12, 2015
Leaders in MPD Technology and Simulator-Based Training Collaborate to Improve Well Control

HOUSTON, November 12, 2015 – Weatherford Secure Drilling® Services and Maersk Training have entered a strategic partnership to enhance scenario-based training and competency for critical wells. The training will provide Weatherford, operator and rig-crew personnel with improved preparation and aptitude to help prevent well-control events and nonproductive time when operating in extreme drilling environments.

Weatherford is a recognized leader in advanced drilling techniques such as managed pressure drilling (“MPD”) and early kick detection (“EKD”). The company recently introduced the OneSync™ software platform, which enhances planning, simulation and control during MPD, EKD, and many other drilling and completions scenarios. The software platform builds on the field-proven Microflux® control system — the cornerstone of Weatherford's MPD portfolio.

Maersk Training will fully integrate the MPD simulator application of the OneSync platform into its drilling simulators to enable comprehensive MPD and well-control planning and scenario-based training. The Maersk Training drilling simulators will be available in multiple geographic locations, including Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Aberdeen.

“Many of today’s easy-to-access reserves have been depleted and complex wells have become the norm, particularly in deepwater applications. As a result, advanced drilling technologies like MPD are being deployed more frequently,” said Iain Cook, Vice President of Weatherford Secure Drilling Services. “Improved competencies on how to manage well-control scenarios through the application of these technologies, as well as seamless communication across multi-functional teams, are imperative to a safe and productive future.”

Maersk Training is the industry’s leading provider of advanced simulation-based well-control training with a focus on rig-team interaction and the influence of human factors on an offshore operational environment. The advanced simulations will enable entire rig crews — including the drilling contractor, operator, service provider and third parties — to receive hands-on rig and well-specific training in a realistic simulated environment.

“We see the partnership with Weatherford as a game changer in the industry," said Claus Bihl, CEO of Maersk Training. "We are combining strong technical knowledge with high-quality training to increase competence development for crews working with MPD technology. This will improve safety and operational performance on rigs.”

The partnership aligns with Weatherford’s commitment to expanding its critical-well services and creating more effective ways to prepare rig crews for complex drilling scenarios. As a part of this agreement, Maersk Training will serve as Weatherford’s preferred provider of well-control training for all MPD personnel worldwide. 

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