June 2, 2022 10:00 a.m. (Central Time)
2000 St. James Place, Marcellus Room, Houston, Texas 77056

Agenda Items

Items Board Recommendation Reason for Recommendation Proxy Materials
Election of Directors FOR each nominee The Board of Directors believes its members collectively have the skills and expertise needed to successfully continue to oversee the implementation of Weatherford’s strategic plan 5
Ratify Appointment of Independent Auditors FOR Based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee 18
Approve, in an advisory vote, our Executive Compensation FOR The Board of Directors believes Weatherford’s executive compensation program effectively aligns executive compensation with performance 20
Approve, in an advisory vote, the Frequency of Executive Compensation Vote ONE YEAR The Board of Directors believes a one-year frequency provides more frequent and rigorous oversight of named executive officer compensation packages to effectively align pay with performance 21

Shareholder Documents

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