9 - 11 October 2017

The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) is widely known as the launching pad for new onshore and offshore technologies among the leading E&P companies.

Weatherford invites you to be our guest at SPE ATCE 2017 and visit us in Booth 2153. Come learn how we deliver the people and technologies that can make a difference, whether you aim to maximize asset value, build better wells, realize the field of the future, or extract more from your reservoir. 

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Booth #2153
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center,
900 E Market St,
San Antonio,
TX 78205,

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Featured Technologies and Services

Wireline Services: Compact™ Microimager

Now celebrating 20 years of reliable performance in the industry, our Compact microimager characterizes your well with exceptionally detailed and precise well logs, regardless of wellbore conditions, to inform your reservoir decisions. With 10 versatile deployment options, including wireline, slickline, coiled tubing, and through-drillpipe, the microimager enables logging in otherwise impossible situations.

Closed-Loop Drilling: PressurePro® Control System

Take control of your onshore drilling operations. Our PressurePro control system brings the benefits of our offshore closed-loop technologies and experience to onshore drilling applications. The purpose-built, easy-to-use technology fully integrates an electric set-point choke and state-of-the-art rotating control device for precise, reliable pressure management with minimal supervision.

Tubular Management: AutoTong™ System for Conventional Operations

Take part in a turning point for tubular running. Our AutoTong system—with AutoEvaluate™ software—automatically makes up pipe and autonomously evaluates pipe connections for enhanced efficiency and reliability. With computer-regulated makeup and built-in evaluation, you can automate speed control, achieve the target torque, and eliminate human inaccuracies.

Well Construction and Completions: AccuView® Real-Time Remote Support System

Improve well-construction and completion performance through real-time analytics and global collaboration. Our AccuView system is a wellsite-to-offsite solution, including people, processes, and software. First, the system helps to plan the job, whether for liner hangers, fishing, or re-entry. Then, it plugs in to create a secure connection. Finally, it enables execution with repeatable precision.

Cementing Products: SwageSet V0 POST Packoff Stage Tool

Set the stage for reliable, gas-tight wellbore integrity. Our SwageSet POST family addresses the heavy mud weights and lost circulation associated with high-pressure gas and oil wells. The tools integrate a hydraulic-set version of the V0-rated SwageSet liner-top packer with the mechanical-stage cementing tool from the Model 786PD POST.

Artificial-Lift Systems: Smart Gas Lift

Deliver the optimal amount of gas injection to every well to enhance field-wide recovery. A rigless, low-cost solution, Smart Gas Lift uses current production data and facility capacity to continually calculate and adjust injection rates. As a result, operators get the most out of each and every gas-lifted well to enhance field-wide recovery.

Artificial-Lift Systems: Jet-Lift Systems

Achieve high-volume production when most other lift methods fail. Our jet-pump lifting systems have no moving parts and a compact, durable design to significantly decrease equipment failure risks in the most challenging wellbores. Deployed rig free, the pump is set downhole and moved up the wellbore for retrieval simply using pressurized fluid.

Reservoir Monitoring: OmniWell® System

Simplify your decisions with actionable data. Our OmniWell reservoir monitoring system serves as a unified, life-of-well monitoring solution that delivers real-time pressure, temperature, thermal, and flow data. The system uses reliable electronic or optical downhole sensors that let you know what’s happening inside any well, whether in conventional or extreme operating environments.

Software: OneSync® Drilling Optimization Software Platform

Synchronize all drilling processes to achieve exceptional performance. Our OneSync drilling optimization platform injects overarching intelligence and synchronization into any drilling operation. This revolutionary system combines data analytics and automated processes, which helps you to drill your wells with uncompromising safety, consistently excellent quality, and best-in-class speed.

Software: ForeSite™ Production Optimization Platform

Activate fieldwide intelligence to maximize production. Our ForeSite platform harnesses data from every corner of your asset to help you to improve the performance of your reservoir, wells, and surface facilities. This single platform integrates physics-based models and advanced data analytics to increase equipment uptime and ultimately extend the life of your asset.

Technical and Special Sessions Schedule


Invited Presenter - Kousha Gohari
K. Gohari, Weatherford

Alternate | 14:00 – 17:00 | 216 A/B



SPE 187127: Impact of Conveyance System on Reservoir Characterization: New Opportunity for Highly Deviated Wells
V. Raffaele, F. Pampuri, S. Terzuoli, A. Santo, Eni S.p.A.; D. French, A. De Clemente, L. Ciulli, R. Rinaldi, Weatherford

11:05 – 11:30 | 217 B/C


SPE 187205: Members in Transition: Career Planning, Job Search, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
C. Howes, Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC; J.R. Hite, Inwood Solutions, LLC; D.A. De Clute-Melancon, Weatherford

14:50 – 15:15 | 214 B


SPE 187433: An Engineered Approach To Design Biodegradables Solid Particulate Diverters: Jamming and Plugging
M. Pordel Shahri, J. Huang, C.S. Smith, F.E. Fragachan, Weatherford

Alternate | 14:00 – 17:00 | 217 D



SPE 187039: Utilizing Managed Pressure Drilling To Overcome Narrow Margins During Liner Running and Cementing Operations
R. Gradishar, C. Fancher, A. Ruhl, Chevron; H.P. Patil , Weatherford

11:05 – 11:30 | 217 A


SPE 187218: Increased Cluster Efficiency and Fracture Network Complexity Using Degradable Diverter Particulates To Increase Production: Permian Basin Wolfcamp Shale Case Study
J. Barraza, C. Capderou, M.C. Jones, C.T. Lannen, Chevron North America E&P; A.K. Singh, Chevron ETC; M.P. Shahri, A.G. Babey, C.D. Koop, A.M. Rahuma, Weatherford

08:30 – 08:55 | 214 C/D


SPE 187441: Improved Monitoring System for Heavy Oil SAGD Wells
C. Baldwin, Weatherford

Alternate | 14:00 – 17:00 | 213 A/B


Special Session: Production and Facilities Advisory Committee:
Can Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics Create a Step Change in the Oil Industry?

Moderators: Hisham N. H. Saadawi, Ringstone Petroleum Consultants LLC; Susan Smith Nash, AAPG
Speakers: Bob Christ, SeaTrepid International LLC; Todd Chase, Oceaneering International; Sudhir Pai, Schlumberger; Daniel De Clute-Melancon, Weatherford

14:00 – 17:00 | C 1

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