Life-Of-Well Integrity Solutions

Build and maintain
life-of-well integrity

Well integrity is a journey. We can help you the entire way.

The safety of your crew, equipment, and the environment depends on well integrity. Our workflow, processes, and technologies emphasize a lifetime approach to managing well integrity, from well engineering to final plug and abandonment. Our solutions span the well life cycle, including single-phase and integrated multi-stage options for well-integrity management.


Plan Drill Case Cement Complete Produce Restore Abandon


Lay the groundwork for a lifetime of success

Life-of-well integrity begins with the design phase. 

Our Integrated Products and Services group provides proven well-engineering and project-management expertise. By working with our customers in the early stages, we deliver technological integration, service excellence, and process safety that minimize risks for rig workers, the formation, and the environment.


Perform under pressure for efficient, productive drilling

Pressure control improves wellbore geometries and increases penetration speeds.

Our services feature unmatched pressure-related technologies, including our Microflux® control system, and techniques, such as managed pressure drilling, pressurized mud-cap drilling, and underbalanced drilling. These technologies and techniques not only mitigate drilling hazards in real time, but also provide early-kick detection, minimize influx sizes, and enhance well integrity in unstable and challenging formations.


Make all the right connections for long-term value

Three types of connections combine to create an enduring tubular infrastructure.

Our connection-integrity services help you to make virtual connections that enable real-time monitoring, tubular connections that comply with OEM specifications, and physical connections that integrate mechanized equipment into the existing rig infrastructure. Whether you work in offshore deepwater or critical onshore wells, we can adapt to any operational scenario.


Mitigate risks for the life of the well

Quality cementing establishes a dependable primary barrier.

For more than 55 years, we have innovated systems that help you to achieve reliable wellbore integrity and zonal isolation. As the industry leader in deepwater and unconventional cementing systems, Weatherford offers a complete well-integrity portfolio that drives your casing to depth, manages surges, optimizes cement placement, and sets the stage for life-of-well integrity.


Minimize well integrity risks with modern completion solutions

Reliable, top-rated technologies guard against well failures.

From the mudline to the toe, our advanced and complete portfolio helps you to maintain integrity. Up top, our Optimax safety valves deliver the industry's most reliable barrier against well failures, with zero failures attributed to the design in 20,000 years of cumulative service life. In lower completions, our V0-rated technologies—such as the WFX0 gravel pack system and OptiPkr production packer—provide a gas-tight seal for integrity in demanding wells.


Detect small threats before they cause big production issues

An accurate downhole summary helps to identify leaks, corrosion, and produced sand.

Our production logging tools work in single- and multi-phase environments to deliver wellbore fluid-movement data, which is a critical component to managing well integrity. Deployed via E-line or slickline with real-time telemetry or in memory acquisition mode, our SecureView® suite of well-integrity evaluation technologies predicts loss-of-well integrity and assesses potential threats, such as tubing and casing leaks.


Isolate problems and permanently re-establish containment 

Remediation manages water intrusion and impedes gas invasion.

At any point during the productive life of a well, we can define integrity issues, such as casing leaks and water sources. Then, we help with executing your entire remediation operation, from wellbore cleaning to casing repair and recompletion. Using tools such as our ISO- and API-rated well barriers, straddle systems, safety valves, and MetalSkin® solid-expandable liners, we restore a secure wellbore.


Make the abandonment of your well last

Safe, permanent abandonment solutions help you to finish strong.

Once a well has produced beyond its economic lifetime, our dedicated specialists can safely and securely plug and abandon the well. We use the best tools on the market to supply a rock-to-rock, cement-to-formation bond that meets the strictest compliance standards. Using a project-managed approach, our specialists take you through all phases, from pre-job to contingency planning, compliance, engineering, implementation, and final abandonment.

Establish lifelong integrity today

Secure a life-of-well barrier using reliable technologies and services.

At each stage of the well life cycle — from planning to abandonment — we help you to reduce risks, contain fluids, and keep the integrity of your investment intact. To learn more about our cycle-wide solutions, please submit the contact form and we'll get back to you.