Restore Wellbore Integrity

Find it, fix it, and go beyond

We help you to pinpoint downhole issues, restore productivity, and discover a CAPEX-free path to more reserves.

As your rigless restoration resource, we go beyond standard production well services. We not only find and fix common production problems, we also locate and produce behind-the-casing reserves with a comprehensive array of rigless artificial lift, restimulation, and optical downhole monitoring services.

Find It

Evaluate and diagnose downhole issues

We track down any downhole issue with actionable reservoir data.

Our single-source wireline production services include production logging, casing and cement evaluation, and behind-the-casing reserves detection. Using experience gained over 40 years of service, our specialists diagnose downhole issues and make concrete recommendations that restore field productivity and inform decisions on production management.

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Characterize producing wellbores

Evaluate reservoir flow and identify tubing leaks with our global production logging services

Our systems deliver an accurate summary of the downhole environment.

Working in single-phase or multi-phase environments, our production logging tools deliver fluid-movement data from the wellbore, which is a critical component to manage your well and reservoir. Deployed via E-line or slickline, and providing data via real-time telemetry or memory acquisition mode, our production logging suites can help you to:

  • Identify crossflow
  • Identify individual reservoir contributions
  • Evaluate fluid phases
  • Identify tubing and casing leaks

production logging
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Reveal bypassed oil and gas

Book more reserves with accurate through-casing reservoir characterization

There’s more out there. The only questions are where and how much. 

Our Raptor 2.0 cased-hole reservoir evaluation system reveals and quantifies what lies behind your casing. The Raptor 2.0 system provides clear and accurate reservoir data through first-of-its-kind hardware, high-fidelity response characterization, advanced petrophysical workflows, and a wide range of answer products. 

  • Quantify formation oil-water, gas-liquid, and water saturations 
  • Pinpoint fluid contacts
  • Classify hydrocarbon types

clear and accurate reservoir data
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Detect casing and cement anomalies

Maintain well integrity with single-trip, high-resolution casing and cement diagnostics

We help to prevent complex problems tomorrow by uncovering the smallest of threats today.  

The SecureView® casing and cement evaluation system provides high-definition logs of your inner casing, outer casing, cement strength, and cement bond. And should we find a problem, our comprehensive remediation toolbox can fix the issue with a smaller bite out of your budget than you might expect.

  • Cement bond-to-pipe, bond-to-formation, and compressive-strength measurements
  • Casing wear, deformation, defects (internal and external), and thickness measurements

logging tools

Fix It

Restore productivity with our rigless restoration solutions

We bring your well back online rig-free and often without shut-in.

When well integrity problems and declining production sideline your operations, we re-establish productivity and profitability without the expense of a rig. Using any conveyance available—including coiled tubing, thru-tubing, wireline, and slickline—our V0-qualified and single-trip restoration solutions increase the life expectancy of your producing wells.

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Restore safety-valve functionality

Revive your shut-in well rig-free

There's no need to pull the production tubing. 

Based on the industry-leading Optimax safety valve, our Renaissance® systems retrofit a new safety-valve control line where the original has failed and enhance production by enabling the delivery of downhole treatment fluids.

  • Replace damaged control lines
  • Retrofit capillary injection or high-volume water-injection systems
  • Retrofit wells without safety valves

Valve Rest
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Re-Fracture and renew productivity

Restore reservoir connectivity with single-trip efficiency

Our multizone technologies revitalize your existing wells.

Deployed thru-tubing or with a coiled-tubing unit, we offer a complete range of rigless refracturing technologies. The SurgeFrac system can selectively set multiple packers for targeted chemical treatments; the ReelFrac system enables multiset, targeted proppant placement that replaced plug-and-perf operations; and the TBlockSure® diverters provide effective and dissolvable zonal isolation.

  • Selectively stimulate producing zones
  • Selectively seal off perforation sections for chemical treatment
  • Mitigate poor permeability, porosity, and pressure along horizontal sections

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Re-establish well integrity

Restore productivity and isolate unwanted zones

Our V0-rated technologies restore well integrity with a gas-tight seal. 

Our wide range of restoration solutions — including permanent or retrievable well barriers, straddle systems, plugback services, wireline-conveyed X-SPAN® tubing and casing patch systems, and coiled-tubing-conveyed MetalSkin® solid expandable systems — deploy through tight restrictions and with the production tubing in place. Installed with a smaller with a smaller bite out of your budget than you might expect, we isolate problematic wellbore zones without use of a rig.

  • Mitigate cross-zone production and water production
  • Restore tubular integrity rig-free

Well Barriers
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Remove debris and wellbore obstructions

Restore production with our skilled fishing technicians

Our experienced crews deliver a clear wellbore with minimal downtime.

Using a range of proprietary thru-tubing and wireline-conveyed technologies―including the smallest-diameter motorized cutting tool (MCT) in the industry―our skilled fishing and milling technicians deliver a clear wellbore with minimal downtime. 

  • Remove tubular obstructions
  • Mill through scale and blockages

fishing and milling
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Maximize sand-free production

Leverage a comprehensive toolbox of sand-control products

We help maintain a productive and free-flowing wellbore. 

Whether you have a failed sand-control system or sand production is higher than predicted, our thru-tubing-conveyed sand-control solutions—including conventional standalone well screens and gravel packs—enable thru-tubing-deployed remediation. 

  • Prevent formation sand from entering the production string
  • Control sand and fines migration

Sand Control

Go Beyond

Discover a CAPEX-free path to more reserves

As your rigless restoration resource, we go beyond standard production well services.

Once we’ve identified economic reserves of bypassed hydrocarbons with our industry-leading saturation logging technologies, we help you to produce and proactively manage your increased reserves. Using our comprehensive rigless systems—including stimulation, artificial lift, and well monitoring—we help you to better understand and maximize the economic life of your rejuvenated assets.

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Maximize wellbore exposure

Maintain effective reservoir drainage with our global perforation services

We execute your flow management plans with scientific precision. 

Our perforation services include wireline-conveyed and tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) services for all types of environments and conditions. Our gun systems are rated to 30,000-psi (206.8-MPa) bottomhole pressures, and our charges are API registered.

  • Optimize reservoir drainage
  • Perforate new zones

perforation services
ZoneSelect CT

Stimulate bypassed production

Produce new zones with single-trip efficiency

We bring new production onlnine rig-free.

Our ZoneSelect® coiled-tubing (CT) stimulation system enables complete customization for the location and number of stages. Combined with the ReelFrac packer system, our CT technologies can help to select and stimulate an unlimited number of zones in any well environment.

  • Single-trip stimulation with unlimited zones
  • Long openhole laterals and multistage completions

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Maximize rejuvenated-asset profitability

Maintain optimal production with our rig-free technologies

We help you to produce more barrels for less cost. 

As production changes throughout the life of the well, we can provide innovative solutions that enable you to transition to more efficient lift systems―gas lift, jet pumps, or other technologies from our extensive toolbox―with minimal downtime and without a rig.

In existing gas-lift wells, our deep gas-lift system places the lift point farther downhole. Our inverted gas-lift system (IGLS) retrofits wells not previously completed for gas lift. Our velocity and continuous chemical-injection strings reduce the liquid-loading effect in producing gas wells and reduce paraffin, corrosion, and scale buildup in oil-producing wells.

  • Reduce the liquid-loading effect
  • Decrease paraffin, corrosion, and scale buildup
  • Reduce the surface tension and density of produced water

Downhole Monitoring

Monitor downhole conditions

Collect and manage actionable, real-time reservoir data

Our systems enable proactive asset management.

Once you reach optimal production, we can help you to maintain it with a real-time window into well performance. Our ForeSite® Sense reservoir monitoring system provides actionable data from the toe of the reservoir through the completion to the tubing hanger.

  • Delivers real-time data
  • Monitors well parameters such as pressure and temperature


Restore production and extend the life of mature assets—without a workover rig


Find it, fix it, and go beyond

Contact us to revive productivity and increase the life expectancy of your producing wells.

As your single-source contact for integrated production well services, we can diagnose, restore, and rejuvenate your assets rig-free. To learn how our services and technologies can work for you, please complete the contact form and one of our technology experts will be in touch.