Activate RFID For New Possibilities

Attain efficiency,
flexibility, and control

in challenging conditions

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is bringing change to the oilfield.

Weatherford pioneered the use of RFID technology in downhole tools to open up more capabilities in drilling, cementing, and completion operations—particularly in deepwater or other challenging environments. Unlike conventional tools that use ball-drop activation, RFID tools feature full-bore inside diameters with no restrictions to hamper flow, impede future operations, or block the actuation of other equipment down the line. 

Increase Efficiency

Do more in less time and with fewer trips

We deliver efficiency without mechanical limitations to improve your downhole operations.

 RFID technology helps you to get more done in less time or in fewer trips. This field-proven technology gives you a new way to activate downhole tools and accomplish your objectives without the usual mechanical limitations. Whether you need single-trip drilling and reaming, intervention-free completion installations, or to switch between conventional and reverse cementing without pulling out of the hole, our full-bore RFID technologies get the job done faster.

Double up on efficient drilling operations

Enhance Operational Flexibility

Quickly adapt to changing well conditions.

We bring the power of choice to your wellsite.

RFID tools let you choose which tools to run, where to place them in the toolstring, and in what order to actuate them. Our RFID-enabled tools feature full-bore IDs that will not interfere with wireline, LWD, rotary steerable systems, or ball drops to other tools — regardless of where they are placed.

Open the way to more flexible drilling

Attain Greater Downhole Control

Take charge of challenging operations.

RFID technologies bring reliability to challenging environments.

Our RFID tools let you control multiple RFID tools in a single string—and selectively target and actuate individual tools as needed. These tools also offer multiple trigger options for greater reliablity in responding to downhole problems than conventional ball-drop methods.

Count on multiple modes of activation

Activate the Possibilities

Contact us to increase well-construction efficiency with RFID.

With the power of RFID technology, Weatherford can transform your drilling, cementing, and completion operations. Even in the most challenging environments, RFID delivers efficiency, flexibility, and control to help you reduce operating costs.