Digitize Your Oilfield

Integrate oilfield expertise with
Industry 4.0 technology

Building on decades of field experience and a portfolio that features some of the most powerful well construction and production optimization technologies in the industry, we are delivering digital solutions that optimize asset performance.

The concept of the digital oil field has been around for many years, but few companies have had the right combination of technologies, expertise, and vision to take these ideas to their full potential. Now is the time to harness the power of advanced analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things — collectively known as “Industry 4.0” — for the oil and gas industry. By connecting devices and analyzing data from across the life of the well and field, our digital solutions deliver insights that empower you to improve efficiency and maximize asset value.

Integrated Software Solutions

Synthesize historical and real-time data to enhance decision making

Our single-source software platforms strategically combine physics-based models with advanced analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things to find and eliminate inefficiencies at every stage of operations.

Years ago, Futurists described how “Big Data” would reshape the ways the world operated. Today, we have the data — the struggle now is how to harness that information in the most efficient and advantageous way.

In the oil field, we collect information about everything: from the geophysical characteristics of the reservoir to the rate at which oil can be efficiently pumped to surface. Data from one well can inform the next well on the pad, or even a well with similar properties half a world away.

Our digital, integrated approach to optimization combines historically informed models with real-time data to enable predictive analytics. By connecting insights from the well site to the office, you can make better decisions that mitigate risk and down time.

Intelligent Oilfield Devices

Transform traditional equipment into instruments of insight

From drilling rigs to pumping units, almost everything in the oil field today has the potential to become a smart device.

The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) may be new to the oilfield, but the “things” themselves are surprisingly familiar. Just as phones and notebooks have been transformed into “smart” technologies for the modern era, traditional oilfield equipment can be enhanced in ways never before thought possible.

Our mechanized and automated well-integrity technologies illustrate how the combination of data and analytics can be translated into action. Similarly, our intelligent artificial lift systems demonstrate how edge analytics can improve knowledge and efficiency right at the wellsite. By enhancing and connecting the sensors already installed on rig floors, drillstrings, and pumping units around the world, we can activate a truly digital oil field.

Technology Partnerships

Leverage the expertise of technology leaders in different disciplines

Strategic collaborations with leading information technology companies enable us to harness the power of cloud computing, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As part of our commitment to helping operators get more out of their assets, Weatherford has formed alliances with world-class analytics software and IoT infrastructure providers. Access to leading Industry 4.0 technologies enables us to extend the functionality of our legacy well construction and production optimization offerings and develop new ones in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Experience a truly digital oil field

These forward-looking technologies are ready to deploy today.

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