Modernize Offshore Completions

Improve completion
efficiency and
minimize risks

in challenging environments

To truly achieve reliability in deepwater environments, you need to deploy the most advanced completion technologies.

Rather than adapting old technologies for new applications, we’ve created an extensive portfolio of modern completion technologies for today’s complex deepwater wells. From the top of the well to the toe, Weatherford provides advanced, fully integrated completion systems for any offshore well.

Do more in deep water:

Reduce Risks

Protect people, assets, and the environment

Only robust, reliable solutions suit the complexity of deepwater wells.

We partner with you to deliver completion solutions that diminish hazards associated with deepwater operations. This not only helps to prevent disastrous well-control incidents, but also saves you time and money. Weatherford brings an unsurpassed mix of tools and expertise to protect your crew, your equipment, and the offshore ecosystem.

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Protect against catastrophic loss of well control

Our safety valves lead the industry with field-proven reliability and robust performance.

Your high-profile wells demand a flawless performance record.

With design upgrades that eliminate points of failure in other valve designs, and with testing that exceeds API 14A standards, our Optimax series is rated as the industry’s most reliable safety valve. We've deployed more than 7,000 of these valves, with 20,000 years of cumulative service life—and zero failures attributed to the design.

Look after your crew, equipment, and the environment

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Guard your casing against gas invasion

Even in the most demanding wells, our packer performs with a gas-tight seal.

A V0-rated packer provides reliable well isolation according to the industry's highest standards.

Exceeding ISO 14310 specifications, the OptiPkr production packer​ combines the robust performance of a permanent packer with the flexibility of a retrievable packer. Built with fewer components for reduced complexity, the OptiPkr production packer provides a reliable, V0-rated seal between production tubing and casing in the most demanding wells.

Zero in on dependable sealing

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Maximize sand-free production

With the global leader in sand-screen installations, you can get more from your wells.

Preventive sand-control technologies separate out abrasive sands to maintain well integrity and boost production.

Critical to maintaining safety and performance in deepwater wells, Weatherford sand screens provide engineered solutions for openhole, cased-hole, and any other sand-control applications.

Mitigate equipment erosion and production reductions

Sand Screens

Minimize Costs

Reduce your deepwater OPEX

Streamlined operations enhance overall efficiency.

By identifying cost-effective solutions to your toughest deepwater-completion challenges, Weatherford can help to enhance your profitability by millions of dollars. In many cases, we can also help to lower overall field-development costs by creating customized completion designs that optimize performance for the entire life of your wells.

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Achieve cased-hole functionality in openhole wells

As the only tool of its kind, our openhole packer provides life-of-well isolation in non-uniform wellbores.

This system is field-proven to reduce rig time and costs by several days and millions of dollars.

The TerraForm® openhole packer system features proprietary cup-seal isolation technology that conforms to non-uniform wellbores — plus a unique clutch mechanism that eliminates the risk of formation damage. This packer system helps you avoid rig-intensive and costly operations such as casing the openhole zone, cementing the lower wellbore, and perforating.

Choose an economic game-changer

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Eliminate deep-set barrier runs

By integrating a ball valve into the lower completion, our gravel-pack system acts as a a deep-set isolation barrier.

Single-trip, single-point technology improves multizone gravel-pack reliability.

Our WFX0 system—the world’s first V0-rated gravel-pack system—eliminates the need for a dedicated deep-set barrier run to install an additional packer and ball valve. This enables single-trip gravel packing​ across multiple zones, which saves at least 2 to 3 days of deepwater rig time, valued at millions of dollars.

Customize the modular system to your needs

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Attain efficiency, flexibility, and control in challenging conditions

As the industry's sole provider of RFID-enabled downhole tools, we expand your operational abilities.

Weatherford pioneered the use of RFID technology in downhole tools to open up more capabilities in drilling, cementing, and completion operations—particularly in deepwater or other challenging environments.

Activate the possibilities


Optimize Production

Plan your completion for optimal production  


The right completion design gives you greater production power.

We get your well on the right track to achieve target production levels throughout its operational life. It starts with comprehensive planning to create a robust, flexible completion design that is customized to your unique deepwater conditions. The result is more prolific production with less downtime and enhanced operational safety.

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Increase profitability and minimize risks

We have a strong track record for developing and deploying gas lift in high-profile offshore wells.

A combined system provides the ultimate configuration for ultrahigh-pressure lift applications.  

By integrating the Ultra-HP gas-lift valve with the DVX side-pocket mandrel, our UltraLift gas-lift system excels in the most severe offshore environments. All components, including the tiny aerodynamic darts on our DVX check valves, have passed rigorous physical testing to withstand extreme conditions and keep your production flowing.

Equip your well to excel

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Enable prolific, proactive recovery

Using a permanent, unified well-information solution, we deliver actionable reservoir data.

Real-time monitoring gives you a better sense of what’s happening downhole.

The OmniWell® reservoir-monitoring system includes both quartz and optical sensors that let you monitor the performance of your reservoir and gas-lift operations in real time, without obstructing flow. Our sensors pass rigorous stress tests to perform reliably so that you can make informed decisions to optimize lift performance.

Act on accurate information


Reduce rig time, maintain well control, and boost deepwater well productivity

In high-profile deepwater wells, our robust, customized completion solutions deliver reliable performance for the life of your wells.

To learn how our deepwater completion services and technologies can work for you, please complete the contact form, and one of our technology experts will be in touch.