Natural Gas Storage Restoration


Diagnose and repair well-integrity issues before they become a problem.

Reveal and Repare Casing and Cement Anomalies

Maintain well integrity with our comprehensive portfolio of diagnostic and restoration technologies.

As your single source partner for gas-storage-well integrity, we can help you to safely maintain aging wellbores to PHMSA standards with an efficient inspection and maintenance routine. Our world-class technologies diagnose casing and cement issues, prepare the wellbore for a lasting remediation, and restore well integrity—all with a smaller bite out of your budger than you might expect.

Meet PHMSA Standards with a Single Service Provider


Find It


Track down any downhole issue with actionable wellbore data

The SecureView® casing and cement evaluation system detects, diagnoses, and evaluates even the smallest leaks and casing problems.

Our service records a high-definition evaluation of an entire cased-hole system in one trip. Using a suite of four technologies that run alone or together in a single trip, we provide high-definition logs of your internal casing, external casing, cement strength, and cement bond.

  • Inspect the complete casing and cement string with the ultrasonic UltraView® tool.
  • Identify casing-defect location and magnitude with the magnetic-flux driven FluxView® tool.
  • Pinpoint corrosion, scale buildup, wear, and splitting with the CalView® tool.
  • Determine cement-bond quality and vertical length with the BondView® tool.
Prep It


Remove debris and prepare for remediation

Global experience ensures the job is done safely and effectively.

Masters of their craft, our fishing crews stand ready for any contingency, anytime, anywhere in the world. If needed, they efficiently remove damaged sections of the wellbore and then leverage our CLEARMAX™ mechanical cleaning tools to prepare the wellbore for lasting restoration.

Fix It


Restore productivity with our permanent restoration solutions

Easily installed in a single trip-using either a workover rig or coiled-tubing unit-MetalSkin® technology is field-proven worldwide.

We repair any casing issue, including corrosion, collar leaks, and casing that is split, parted, or buckled. Ideal for mature wells, MetalSkin® liners eliminate the need for repeated repairs and leave a larger ID than other mechanical solutions. In many cases, the liners are installed in 1 day and require no drillout, which enables operations to resume quickly while reducing workover costs and nonproductive time.

  • Repair minor casing defects or undertake major casing-restoration jobs.
  • Install using either a workover rig or rig-free with a coiled-tubing unit.

Meet PHMSA Standards with a Single Service Provider

Only Weatherford offers the comprehensive inspection, remediation, and project-management solutions that meet regulatory API RP 1171 standards.

From baseline logging (Sec 6.5.2) to complete cementand casing-integrity evaluation (Sec 6.4.6 and 6.9.2) services, our wireline services deliver single-trip efficiency and unparalleled high-resolution accuracy. When needed, our globally field-proven well-integrity restoration services deliver a lasting repair that meets regulatory standards. Further, our project-management services deliver turnkey well-integrity inspection and restoration services.

Reveal and Repair

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