Rejuvenate Mature Fields


the performance
of your aging wells

Your mature asset has more to give. Our expertise is producing it economically.

As your single-source contact for integrated mature field services, we can help you boost productivity by building performance win upon performance win. We begin the process with quick, low-investment techniques that methodically improve performance, reduce costs, and increase cash flow. Our services then expand to your wellbore, to the reservoir, and finally to a full consultative approach to your assets.

Discover how we can:

Maintain Lift Efficiency

Lift smarter and produce more barrels for less cost

Your path to a more profitable mature asset starts with lift efficiency.

As the industry leader for integrated life-of-asset artificial-lift systems, we use our low-CAPEX artificial lift expertise to aim for quick and profitable wins inside your producing wellbores.

Our breadth of industry-leading production optimization equipment and software — coupled with our unmatched experience in mature fields — can help you to reduce operating expenses, minimize production decline rates, and decrease damage caused by sand, paraffin, and corrosion.

The Right Lift at the Right Time

Select the Right Lift at the Right Time

Adopt the optimal form of lift early in the production cycle

You can protect your reservoir and stretch the productive life of your assets by simply installing a lift system before natural drive is exhausted.

Leveraging the world’s deepest and broadest artificial-lift toolbox ― including jet pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, gas lift, conventional rod lift, long-stroke rod lift, foam lift, and plunger lift ― we create a production plan that delivers exactly what your well requires without favoring one form of lift over another.

  • Produce at the optimal rate  
  • Reduce overall production costs
  • Reduce equipment failure rates
  • Defer CAPEX spending

Explore our comprehensive artificial lift solutions here

Right form of Lift
Monitoring and Optimization

Manage Your Assets Proactively

Monitor and optimize production in real time

We help you to become the omnipotent master of your production system.

Our technologies deliver everything you need to know about your wells. From downhole to surface facilities, we deliver real-time pressure, flow, temperature, acoustics, seismicity, and water-cut measurement that create an up-to-date window into your wellbore. Our system then instantly harnesses data from every corner of your asset and—using physics-based models and advanced data analytics—helps you to improve well, surface facility, and reservoir performance.

Monitor downhole production with OmniWell® optical sensors here

Measure water-cut from 0 to 100 percent with Red Eye® meters here

Automate lift and facility equipment with WellPilot® systems here

Optimize production asset-wide with with the ForSite™ platform here

Monitor and optimize production
Rigless Lift Systems

Enhance Your Lift Systems Rig Free

Boost production without the cost and deferred production of a rig.

Rigless lift systems yield powerful production efficiency.

Our artificial-lift experts create flexible, life-of-well plans that produce more barrels for less cost. As production changes throughout the life of the well, we can provide innovative solutions that enable you to transition to more efficient lift systems―gas lift, rod lift, or other technologies from our extensive toolbox―with minimal downtime and without a rig.

  • Maintain lift efficiency rig-free
  • Reduce workover-related expenses

Explore our rigless artificial lift solutions here

Rigless lift

Restore Wellbore Efficiency and Integrity

Diagnose, restore, and rejuvenate rig-free

You maintain an efficient lift system. Your path to a more profitable mature asset continues with wellbore efficiency and integrity.

Restore production and extend the life of mature assets—without a workover rig


We are your rigless restoration resource. As your one-and-only contact for integrated production well services, we can diagnose and repair common production problems without a rig and often without well shut-in. Using any conveyance available—including capillary, coiled tubing, thru tubing, wireline, and slickline—our rigless restoration solutions restore wellbore efficiency and integrity.

Find It, Fix It and Go Beyond in your mature wells

Find It, Fix It and Go Beyond in your mature offshore wells

Restoring Well Integrity

Detect Problems and Restore Well Integrity

Reveal and repair casing and cement anomalies

Well integrity is the cornerstone of an efficient wellbore. 

We help to prevent complex problems tomorrow by uncovering the smallest of threats today. The SecureView® casing and cement evaluation system provides high-definition logs of your inner casing, outer casing, cement strength, and cement bond.

And should we find a problem, our comprehensive remediation toolbox of solid-expandable systems can fix the issue with a smaller bite out of your budget than you might expect.

Achieve a hyper-accurate well-integrity assessment here

Permanently restore well integrity here

Safety Valve Restoration

Restore safety-valve functionality

Revive your shut-in well rig-free

There's no need to pull the production tubing.

Based on the industry-leading Optimax safety valve, our Renaissance® systems retrofit a new safety-valve control line where the original has failed and enhance production by enabling the delivery of downhole treatment fluids.

  • Replace damaged control lines
  • Retrofit capillary injection or high-volume water-injection systems
  • Retrofit wells without safety valves

Bypass failed TRSVs to quickly and economically here

Wellbore Solids and Fluids

Maintain a free-flowing wellbore

Control wellbore solids and fluids effectively and efficiently

Sand and wellbore buildup slowly choke the profitability from your wells.

As a global leader in production optimization systems, we help you manage formation sands, control liquid accumulation, and inhibit paraffin, corrosion, and scale buildup.

Control sand and fines migration with our thru-tubing-conveyed sand-control solutions here

Control liquid accumulation and restore gas flow with our deliquification portfolio here

Improve the delivery of chemical treatments with our capillary-injection systems here

Reduce downtime in sand-bearing, rod pumped wells with the sand-tolerant pump here

Control wellbore solids
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Re-Fracture and renew productivity

Restore reservoir connectivity with single-trip efficiency

Our multizone technologies revitalize your existing wells.

Deployed thru tubing or with a coiled-tubing unit, we offer a complete range of rigless refracturing technologies: the SurgeFrac system can selectively set multiple packers for targeted chemical treatments; the ReelFrac system enables multiset, targeted proppant placement that replaces plug-and-perf operations; and the TBlockSure® diverter provides effective and dissolvable zonal isolation.

  • Selectively stimulate producing zones
  • Selectively seal off perforated sections for chemical treatment
  • Mitigate poor permeability, porosity, and pressure along horizontal sections

Improve fractured well productivity here


Monitor reservoir performance to enhance production

Fiber-optic sensors monitor conditions along the length of your well
OmniCap™ reservoir and production monitoring system provides the real-time data you need to assess and act on changing reservoir conditions. Our optical pressure and temperature sensing, distributed temperature sensing (DTS), and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) obtain measurements along the total length of the well, so you can make informed decisions about the future of your asset. WellVista® data visualization software helps you pull together data from different sources for quick analysis to inform critical decisions.

Measure and assess performance here


Accelerate Field Recoverability

Reach further into the reservoir and maximize field production

You control an efficient lift system and wellbore. Your path to a more profitable mature asset continues deeper into the reservoir.

Big wins lie outside your wellbore. Beginning with a complete reservoir flow analysis, we help you to decide how best to produce remaining reserves.  We isolate problematic zones within the wellbore, and then we produce untapped reserves within reach of the parent wellbore. Finally, once we identify economically viable reserves, we can leverage our drilling and logging tools to increase recovery with infill drilling.

Production Logging

Characterize producing wellbores

Evaluate reservoir flow and identify tubing leaks with our global production logging services

Our services deliver an accurate summary of the downhole environment.

Working in single-phase or multi-phase environments, our production logging tools deliver fluid-movement data from the wellbore, which is a critical component to manage your well and reservoir. Deployed via E-line or slickline, and providing data via real-time telemetry or memory acquisition mode, our production logging suites can help you:

  • Identify crossflow
  • Identify individual reservoir contributions
  • Evaluate fluid phases
  • Identify tubing and casing leaks 

Track wellbore fluid movement here

logging services
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Re-establish well integrity rig free

Restore productivity and isolate unwanted zones

Our V0-rated technologies isolate problem zones and resist gas intrusion.

Working through tight restrictions and with the production tubing in place, our permanent or retrievable well barriers, straddle systems, plugback services, wireline-conveyed X-SPAN tubing and casing patch systems, and coiled-tubing-conveyed MetalSkin® solid-expandable systems isolate problematic wellbore zones without use of a rig.

  • Mitigate cross-zone production and water production
  • Restore tubular integrity rig-free

Permanently restore well integrity here

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Reveal bypassed oil and gas

Book more reserves with accurate through-casing reservoir characterization

There’s more out there. The only questions are where and how much.

Our Raptor 2.0 cased-hole reservoir evaluation system reveals and quantifies what lies behind your casing. The Raptor 2.0 system provides clear and accurate reservoir data through first-of-its-kind hardware, high-fidelity response characterization, advanced petrophysical workflows, and a wide range of answer products. 

  • Quantify formation oil-water, gas-liquid, and water saturations 
  • Pinpoint fluid contacts
  • Classify hydrocarbon types
  • Locate bypassed reserves in mature wells 

Locate oil and gas locations within inches here

evaluation system reveals
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Perforate and Stimulate

Recomplete to access bypassed reserves

We can optimize reservoir drainage for any type of well.

Our perforating services include wireline-conveyed and tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) services for all types of conditions.

We then help you to get more from your fracturing dollar with stimulation for any environment: We provide innovative plug-and-perf systems made with 97 percent composite; we can frac an unlimited number of zones with our single-trip stimulation sleeves; and our industry leading TBlockSure diverter system provides temporary and dissolvable zonal isolation.

Perforate new zones here

Maximize multizone stimulation with single-trip technologies here

perforating services
Update the reservoir model

Update the reservoir model

Characterize, target, and produce new zones

We bridge the gap between quick wins and big wins with actionable reservoir data.

Reservoir modeling creates a roadmap to increased recoverable reserves. We leverage global petrophysical, geomechanical, seismic, and coring expertise with our single-source wireline production services to meet a single goal: deliver a clear, updated reservoir model that informs all production-management decisions. Then, combined with our onsite cuttings analysis and laboratory services, we provide complete logging-while-drilling services that provide optimal sweet-spot exposure.

Visualize complex geologic structures, facies, and sedimentology here

Optimize well trajectories here

single-source wireline production services
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Reach further into the reservoir

Maximize reservoir exposure and reach your preferred target

Our sidetrack and infill drilling services maximize asset value.

We help you to safely drill from one casing point to the next in the shortest possible time. Our sidetrack drilling technologies offer single-trip milling efficiency. Then using a suite of drilling and surface-logging technologies, we can help you to maximize sweet-spot exposure for sidetrack drilling and optimize well spacing for infill drilling. For more challenging formations, our closed-loop drilling technologies mitigate hazards, and our drilling-with-casing (DwC) systems reduce risk exposure in unstable formations.

Create a precise, single-trip casing exit here

Identify pay zones, track lithology, and enhance safety while drilling here

Reach your preferred drilling targets here


Create new and profitable opportunities for your mature assets.

Our mature field rejuvenation services—ranging from lift efficiency to infill drilling to enhanced recovery operations—systematically accelerate the performance of your mature assets.

To learn how our services and technologies can work for you, please complete the contact form and one of our technology experts will be in touch.