Borehole Seismic Services

Acquire a complete depth-to-surface seismic study

As an industry leader in vertical seismic profile services, microseismic surveys, and permanent seismic monitoring, our borehole seismic services deliver a complete reservoir-behavior study. With the capability to deploy multilevel seismic arrays and seismic sources in many configurations, we can help you to monitor hydraulic fracturing, map anomalous well drainage, create time-to-depth seismic surveys and more.

Tune into conditions that affect your cased-hole well

Acoustic Well Integrity Mode

Our geophone array production survey (GAPS®) leak-detection system acoustically pinpoints gas or water movement behind the casing. We can identify leaks and other production issues such as cross-flow between zones.

geophone array production survey

Improve fracturing efficiency and hydrocarbon recovery

Microseismic Services

We deliver both near-reservoir and in-treatment-well monitoring with the only purpose-built microseismic arrays in the industry. Our service provides 3D visualizations that help to improve reservoir management and stimulation effectiveness.

Weatherford Microseismic Services

Accurately measure the depth of geological fractures

Vertical Seismic Profile Services

With a global team of expert geophysicists and seismic engineers, our industry leading vertical seismic profile services provide a true-depth calibration of surface seismic data.

 Vertical Seismic Profile