Composite Plugs

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Run in faster, hold stronger, and mill out easier

Get more efficient and reliable plug performance in any type of wellbore. Our proprietary composite formula and field-proven, tight-gripping slip technology come together to give you faster run-in speeds, more efficient milling, and unsurpassed sealing and anchoring. These lightweight, durable plugs are ideal for stimulating single or multiple zones in vertical, deviated, horizontal, or multilateral wells.

TruFrac® Composite Plugs

Reduce rig time for plug-and-perf completions.

Premium TruFrac composite plugs help to reduce plug-and-perf completions time with faster run-in speeds and quicker mill-out times. For you, this means less overall rig time and lower costs.


Enhance plug-and-perf efficiency

TruFrac® Composite Plugs

Shorty Composite Plugs

Cut equipment costs without sacrificing quality

Today’s challenging market demands that you reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our Shorty composite plugs give you the best of both: an economical cost with fast, easy deployment and mill out.


Reduce costs and milling time