Fluid Systems

Boost fracturing safety, effectiveness, and efficiency

We offer a complete suite of fracturing fluid systems that address a range of conditions in both conventional and unconventional formations. These systems help you to maximize production while lowering costs, reducing the risk of formation damage, and minimizing environmental impact.

Proppant transport and suspension fluid

Advance your fluid performance to increase propped volumes

FracAdvance™ fluid technology lets you fracture deep into the formation, and keep those fractures open to maximize volume and boost production. This low-viscosity fluid delivers high proppant-carrying capacity while requiring low horsepower for injection.

Open up more of your reservoir to production

FracAdvance Fluid System


Improve stimulation operations in new and refractured wells

Our TBlockSure® agent and enhancer has a short-lived blocking effect for superior zonal isolation and mechanical diversion. When in place, the agent creates an impermeable seal that withstands treatment pressures, and later dissolves at a predetermined time.

Eliminate the need for bridge plugs and reduce mill-out time



Conserve fresh water by using 100% produced water

Our WaterSure® fluid system uses any available water—produced or flowback, filtered or unfiltered—to facilitate fracturing and reduce costs. The low-residue stimulation fluid can handle waters high in salinity, total dissolved solids, divalent ions, and boron.

Maintain high stimulation performance and reduce costs


Eradicate sulfate-reducing bacteria quickly, economically, and with minimal residuals

Our CleanSure® service uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2)—a more powerful chemical than conventional biocides— to kill active and dormant sulfate-reducing bacteria in a way that reduces costs and lessens the pH impact of your stimulation operations.

Use fewer chemical and less equipment


Amplify hydraulic fracturing performance

Weatherford fluid systems deliver the performance you need to maximize production.

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