Flow Monitoring

Measure downhole flow without disruptive meters

Our nPhase flowmeter technology helps you to create a flow profile and optimize complex well designs, including intelligent, multizone, and multilateral completions. Unlike conventional flowmeters, this nonintrusive in-well meter has no components that restrict the borehole or interrupt the flow path. The all-optical design eliminates nuclear sources, active transducers, electronic sensors, and chemical sensors.

Simplify flow measurement

Rheos™ In-Well Optical Flowmeter

Measure in-situ and standard flow of oil, gas, and water in real time

Part of our nPhase portfolio, the Rheos optical flowmeter gives you the ability to accurately measure zonal and commingled phase flow rates and to identify production and injection anomalies.

Stay in the know about well flow


RedEye® Subsea Water-Cut Meter

Connect with multiphase water-cut data in deepwater wells

Our nPhase flowmeters work with our RedEye meters, which provide an economic way to measure water cut in a multiphase stream from each well. 

Invest in subsea intelligence