Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Acquire reliable, high-performance data under any conditions

Using our permanent pressure and temperature monitoring solutions, you can discern fluctuations in downhole conditions to assess production performance, determine reservoir characteristics, and optimize production rates for artificial-lift or free-flowing wells in moderate to harsh environments. Our nLink cable solution supports multiple nGauge monitoring devices—including electronic, optical, or quartz sensing options—on a single cable.

Subsea In-Well Monitoring

Get real-time data on demand for the life of your subsea well

With a wide selection of in-well optical and quartz sensors, we provide permanent monitoring solutions that deliver consistent and accurate downhole data to improve decision-making, maximize recovery, and increase profitability in subsea environments.

Gather pressure, temperature, and flow data

Quartz Technology

Achieve long-term monitoring stability in extreme environments

Compared to past quartz gauges, our xQuartzPT gauge has a unique design with fewer electronic components, lower power, and a robust data interface protocol to withstand more severe combined stresses.

Attain affordable, reliable downhole optical sensing in narrow well spaces