Thermal Monitoring

Visualize the thermal profile of one well or multiple wells

A culmination of our experience in all producing environments, nThermal technology gives you production or injection temperature profiles across the reservoir to identify flow anomalies such as tubing or casing leaks, thief zones, and flow obstructions. The technology integrates our capabilities into a single interrogation and processing unit that delivers a real-time single-well or pad-level representation of the thermal landscape.

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Monitoring

Monitor your well using advanced ultrahigh-temperature, fiber-optic technology

Our LxData® system offers multipoint temperature- and pressure-monitoring capabilities using the LxATS array and SlimCanePT gauge, respectively. The system addresses your unique projects, including challenging steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells with temperatures up to 572°F (300°C). 

Manage your well with reservoir sensing

 Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Monitoring

Thermal Sensors

Determine production and injection profiles across reservoir sections

An advanced monitoring method, our Raman-based distributed temperature sensing (DTS) sensors give you a thermal profile of your well that helps you to identify flow anomalies such as tubing or casing leaks and thief zones.

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