Gravel-Pack Systems

Keep formation sand in place and prevent solids from inhibiting production

Our gravel-pack systems give you a strong defense against damaging sand and fines in a variety of downhole settings. From unconsolidated to tight sand formations, in openhole or cased-hole wells, and for both conventional and unconventional applications, we deliver an unsurpassed level of gravel-packing and frac-packing performance and efficiency.

Openhole Gravel Packs

Set a new standard for openhole safety and flexibility

Our VØ-rated WFXØ gravel-pack system enables single-trip, multizone packing to give you cased-hole functionality in openhole wells. It also eliminates dedicated barrier runs, saving two to three rig days.


Transform openhole gravel-pack performance

WFX0 gravel-pack

Openhole Packer

Accomplish void-free gravel packs across multiple zones

Part of our WFXØ VØ-rated gravel-pack system, the TerraForm® SZE openhole packer features built-in shunt-tube technology that provides a continuous flow path to sequentially transport slurry to each gravel-pack zone.

Get set for effective, single-trip gravel packs