Drilling-Waste Management

Minimize net waste and overall fluid costs

High-quality equipment and decades of experience can reduce your operating expenses and minimize environmental risk. Our complete array of waste-management equipment—for solids control, containment and handling, recycling and recovery, and treatment and disposal—deliver premium performance at any wellsite anywhere in the world.

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Solids Control

Remove solids from the drilling fluid

We design, manufacture, and service a comprehensive range of solids-control equipment that includes shale shakers, shaker screens, centrifuges, agitators, degassers, and mud-mixing systems.

Drilling-Waste Management

Containment and Handling

Safely handle and contain drilling waste

We help you to maintain regulatory compliance and industry best practices with a complete selection of screw conveyors, tank-cleaning systems, containers, pit liners, and tanks.

Drilling-Waste Management

Recycling and Recovery

Reduce mud losses and fluid costs

We help you to shrink your operating costs and environmental impact. Using our drying-shaker and centrifugal-dryer systems, we help to reduce the amount of fluid retained on cuttings.

Drilling-Waste Management

Treatment and Disposal

Comply with disposal and zero-discharge regulations

As part of our Engineered Fluids ManagementSM process, we identify the optimal disposal solution by analyzing fluid type, environmental restrictions, and waste streams.

Drilling-Waste Management

Engineered Waste-Management Systems

Meet any waste-management requirement with a custom system

When your needs go beyond standard systems, our global teams engineer custom waste-management solutions for any wellsite.


Drilling-Waste Management