Fluid Systems

Achieve maximum drilling efficiency with our industry-leading fluid selection

There is no fluid requirement that we can’t meet. We can fulfill most needs with a deep selection of drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids. For unique environments, our global labs are the ultimate in custom fluid systems. From aqueous to specialty systems, our fluids help you to mitigate drilling hazards and optimize bit performance and cuttings transport.

Minimize environmental impact with reusable water-based fluids

Aqueous Drilling-Fluid Systems

Formulated for a wide range of applications, the WEL-PHASE™ reusable water-based fluid system maximizes drilling performance in environmentally sensitive areas.

Aqueous Drilling-Fluid Systems

Drill safely and efficiently in complex environments

Non-Aqueous Drilling-Fluid Systems

WEL-VERT™ fluids deliver performance in extreme well environments. Offering a wide range of standard fluids, these systems deliver optimal performance in any well.

Fluid Systems

Avoid formation damage with effective drill-in fluids

Drill-In Fluid Systems

Our drill-in fluids preserve formation integrity and minimize interaction between the filtrate and pore fluids. The systems avoid precipitation and other forms of conduit constriction, such as polymer deposition, fines mobilization, wettability changes, and emulsion blockage.

Drilling-Waste Management

Control your well with HSE-compliant completion brines

Completion Fluid Systems

We ensure chemical compatibility between your formation and fluid systems with a complete range of brines that include our proprietary SafeBrine™ system and associated completion chemicals.

Fluid Systems

Meet any wellbore requirement with a custom fluid system

Engineered Fluid Systems

When your needs go beyond conventional fluid systems, our global laboratory teams engineer a customized solution for any formation.

Engineered Fluid Systems

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