Borehole Enlargement

Enhance borehole enlargement and wellbore cleanup in a single run

Optionally equipped with our exclusive radio-frequency identification (RFID) downhole technology, our RipTide® drilling reamer and JetStream® circulation sub enhance your drilling performance and mitigate costs per trip.

Drilling Reamers

Drill and enlarge simultaneously

In combination with our ReamSync® borehole performance system, our RipTide® drilling reamer enlarges holes up to 25% beyond bit diameter. The tool expands existing pilot holes, underreams-while-drilling with rotary-steerable assemblies, and underreams below casing with tight restrictions.


borehole enlargement, reamer, underreamer, RipTide

Rathole Killers

Eliminate cleanout runs

The RipTide® rathole killer provides simultaneous drilling and enlarging while minimizing the rathole. It also enables use of a dual-reamer BHA—using two activation methods—in the same drillstring.


rathole killer, reamer, borehole enlargement

Circulating Subs

Clean the wellbore, spot fluids, and jet BOPs in one trip

Providing three positions, multiple applications, and dynamic activation options, the JetStream® RFID circulation sub helps achieve maximum drilling efficiency and operational flexibility.


circulating sub, JetStream

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