Point-the-Bit RSS

Revolution® Rotary
Steerable System

Drill smooth, precise wellbore

The Revolution® suite of rotary steerable system (RSS) tools deliver increased speed, enhanced control, and precise well placement in a variety of applications and environments. Featuring the world’s first 16° build-rate tool, the suite produces smooth, ready-to-case wellbores. With a point-the-bit design, continuous near-bit measurement, and bidirectional downhole communication, you can make informed, real-time drilling decisions.

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Revolution® Core RSS

Drill complex wellbores in a single run with real-time control

With our Revolution Core RSS, you set a course by inputting your drilling plan and parameters. Then you can monitor the results while the system runs in cruise control—making real-time adjustments as needed.

Let the system work for you


Revolution® V RSS

Maintain vertical control with automatic corrections

Our Revolution V RSS features near-bit sensors that continuously monitor drillstring trajectory, which helps you to maintain a vertical course. Upon detecting a deviation, the RSS automatically adjusts to get your well back on track.

Take a direct path to your target


Revolution® Plus RSS

Increase ROP with motorized assistance

Equipped with our HyperLine motor for additional power, our Revolution Plus RSS increases the rate of penetration (ROP) to help with decreasing backward bit whirl and decoupling of the drillstring.


Revolution® HDL (High Dogleg) RSS

Navigate high angles and maximize reservoir exposure

With our Revolution HDL RSS, you can execute deeper kickoffs and maximize formation exposure with the ability to build 16° doglegs.

Build up to a deep kickoff


Revolution® Heat RSS

Achieve optimal results in HPHT zones

Our Revolution Heat RSS has hydraulic components specially conditioned for high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) environments, which enables you to drill deeper and farther toward challenging targets.

Endure extreme conditions during extended-reach drilling


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