Fishing and Re-entry

Maximize efficiency with reliable fishing and casing-exit operations

Whether you need to retrieve stuck equipment, sidetrack to find new production zones, or perform slot recovery, our fishing and re-entry tools help you to get the job done. With the knowledge of more than 12,000 casing-exit installations combined with strategically located service centers in most petroleum provinces around the world, Weatherford offers you experienced personnel, the right tools, and excellent service. 

Openhole Fishing

Resume drilling operations and maintain openhole integrity

Dispatched to any location in the world, our skilled fishermen clear openhole obstructions—including lost bottomhole assemblies, tubular twist-offs, and other drilling-related tools—while minimizing formation damage. 


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Multilateral Systems

Increase pay zone exposure and access bypassed reserves

Our experienced multilateral re-entry crews deliver consistent service excellence with a clean, properly-angled casing exit. 


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Multilateral Systems

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