Multilateral Systems

Increase pay zone exposure and access bypassed reserves

Our experienced multilateral re-entry crews deliver consistent service excellence with a clean, properly-angled casing exit. We match your re-entry application with the most efficient option from our comprehensive portfolio—our services range from basic TAML (Technology Advancement for Multilaterals) Level-1 openhole systems to our award-winning OneTrip StarBurst™ Level-4 system—to minimize construction costs and maximize sweet-spot exposure.

Level-2 Multilateral Systems

Create Level-2 junctions with full-liner access to the lateral wellbore

Our field-proven services include standard- and shallow-angle QuickCut™ casing-exit systems matched with the PakLatch™ permanent seal-bore packer, along with the unique SRS™ 2 selective re-entry system.


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Level-3 Multilateral Systems

Minimize the duration, cost, and risk of Level-3 junctions

Our StarBurst™ Level-3 multilateral systems deliver superior mechanical integrity in the junction. With its unique hollow whipstock-anchor assembly, the system requires only one whipstock run.


Increase mechanical integrity with a lateral-line tieback here


Level-4 Multilateral Systems

Maximize mechanical support and formation isolation