Surface Logging Systems

Identify pay zones, track lithology, and enhance safety while drilling 

Leveraging 50 years of experience in surface logging, our services are your first line of defense against unplanned events. Our comprehensive technologies—ranging from conventional mud logging to advanced wellsite geochemical analysis—maximize drilling efficiency and provide real-time formation evaluation data, including lithology, gas analysis, hydrocarbon content, porosity, and more.

Mud-Logging Services

Analyze rock cuttings and hydrocarbons carried to the surface

Our surface logging service mobilizes experienced teams that help you to determine the presence of oil and gas, reduce reservoir uncertainty, mitigate hazards, and optimize drilling efficiency. 


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Mud-Logging Services

Formation Analysis

Achieve near-real-time reservoir and rock-property analysis

With laboratory-based techniques placed at your wellsite, our RockWise® cuttings analysis service delivers organic data, mineralogical analysis, and elemental rock compositions that enable more informed decisions on wellbore placement, completions, and production. 


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Reservoir Evaluation

Measure a wide range of mud-gas components

Our extraction and analysis service ranges from total hydrocarbon gas detection to high-end, wide-spectrum compositional breakdowns and isotopic compositions. 


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Advanced Gas Analysis

Wellbore Integrity

Improve drilling performance with thorough wellbore analyses

Our wellbore-cleaning analysis service provides real-time measurement of recovered cuttings volumes, identifies hole cleaning and wellbore stability problems, and increases drilling efficiency by optimizing drilling parameters.


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Advanced Wellbore Cleaning

Pore-Pressure Prediction

Identify and mitigate pressure-related hazards

Combining mud-logging expertise, advanced modeling software, and field-proven evaluation processes, our pore-pressure prediction and monitoring service provides a qualified pore-pressure and fracture-gradient estimate.


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Pore Pressure Prediction