Advanced Gas Analysis

Measure a wide range of mud-gas components

Our GasWise extraction and analysis service—which focuses on hydrocarbons entrained in drilling fluid—ranges from total hydrocarbon gas detection to high-end, wide-spectrum compositional breakdowns and isotopic compositions. Our customizable solutions increase understanding of your formation fluids and improve reservoir characterization.

Heated Constant Volume Trap

Align gas measurement with actual reservoir conditions

Our heated constant volume trap regulates the temperature and flow of fluids during mud sampling. The system delivers a more accurate mud-gas representation, a higher quality sample, and enables quicker analysis.

heated constant volume trap

High-Pressure MPD Fluid Extraction System

Estimate reservoir fluid density and mobility

Our fluid extraction system continuously extracts mud samples under pressure to enable gas-composition analysis, which enhances reservoir characterization and pay-zone identification.

HP MPD Fluid Extraction

High-Speed Advanced Gas Chromatography

Achieve fast analysis and clear separation of gases

The quad-column gas chromatograph cycles every 70 seconds to provide fast analysis and clear separation of gases, such as hydrocarbon compounds C1 to C10, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and oxygen.

High-Speed Advanced Gas Chromatography

Isotope Logging

Isolate targeted chemical species from sampled gas

The Isotech RT® system detects, collects, and analyzes gas samples while drilling. Using separation technologies, the system provides an onsite analysis for methane, ethane, and propane carbon isotopes.

Pit-Volume Totalizer

Detect formation-fluid influxes

Equipped with a flowback monitor, our pit-volume totalizer provides an early warning for kicks, even when the mud pumps are off.


Pit-Volume Totalizer