Mud-Logging Services

Analyze rock cuttings and hydrocarbons carried to the surface

More than standard formation evaluation, our Wise family of services are also your first line of defense against unplanned wellsite events that can lead to borehole problems and nonproductive time. Our WellWise service mobilizes experienced teams that help you to determine the presence of oil and gas, reduce reservoir uncertainty, mitigate hazards, and optimize drilling efficiency.

Data Acquisition

Make better operational decisions with real-time data

We offer a range of innovative measurement tools, sensors, and software that enable real-time, high-speed data logging, customizable trend analyses, and on-demand report generation and transmission.


Certified Cabins

Install a certified mud-logging unit

Certified for use in Zone-1 hazardous areas, our cabins accommodate mud-logging and logging-while-drilling services in onshore, offshore, and helicopter-lift applications. These customizable units scale upward from our basic mud-logging and data-acquisition package.


Certified Cabins

Lithological Analysis

Set a foundation for petrophysical calculations

Through real-time cuttings analysis, we help you to determine lithological details such as mineralogy and porosity, which provide the ground-truth for your wireline and logging-while-drilling suites.



Drilling Management Systems

Acquire consistent, high-quality surface logging data

Our proprietary technologies help to ensure smooth rig management with flow monitoring, vibration analysis, early kick detection, and standalone gas-in-mud and ambient gas detection.

Wellsite Geologists

Expert geologic support at your wellsite

From pre-drill to total depth, our experienced field staff guides geological operations by assimilating, analyzing, and interpreting data that increases drilling efficiency and assesses risk ahead of the bit.


Wellsite Geologists