Core Handling Services

Retrieve and preserve cores and their fluids

Cores provide ground truth for log calibrations and reservoir models—you can’t afford to let the rock become damaged, or let its fluids escape undetected. Weatherford Labs core-handling experts retrieve your cores at the rig floor, then preserve and stabilize them for shipment to the lab for comprehensive analyses of the rock, and the liquids and gases contained within.



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Wellsite Core Handling

Safely retrieve and preserve your cores for laboratory analysis

Our wellsite core retrieval experts employ industry-leading methods to preserve and stabilize your cores for optimal laboratory analysis.


Retrieve and stabilize your cores here

Core Transport

Secure your cores during transport from the wellsite to the laboratory

Secure transport of cores from the field to the laboratory helps maximize retention of in-situ fluids and minimizes structural damage. Our advanced techniques protect your cores during transport.


Safely ship cores and samples of all types and sizes here

Core Transport

Onsite Sampling and Preservation

Sample the core and its fluids for laboratory analysis

Weatherford Laboratories has pioneered processes and techniques to quickly and efficiently sample cores on location, enabling expedited and accurate testing, both on location and in the lab.


Collect core and fluid subsamples for expedited analysis here

Onsite Sampling and Preservation

Wellsite Pressure Core Handling

Fully analyze fluids from sealed cores

Pressure cores are sealed downhole to prevent fluid loss during core retrieval. We analyze the gas and liquids when the cores reach the surface.


Analyze fluids from sealed cores here

Wellsite Pressure Core Handling

Wellsite Canister Gas Desorption

Measure gas volumes and determine gas in place for unconventional plays

Gas-in-place often cannot be accurately calculated from knowledge of physical rock properties alone. Instead, our technology enables us to directly measure the gas from freshly cut rock samples.


Analyze gas for unconventional plays here

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