Chromatography Suite

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Compare, manipulate, and quantify data from different oil samples

View your data in the proper context to bring your reservoir into sharper focus. The ChromEdge® suite helps you visualize, evaluate, and manipulate chromatographic data. This suite can be used to evaluate reservoir continuity and determine production allocation from a commingled well or pipeline.

Production allocation

Take a geochemical approach to allocation calculations

OilUnmixer™ software uses geochemical analyses to allocate production within commingled streams. This software helps you determine allocation based on the abundances of compounds in the commingled oils and end-member oils.


OilUnmixer™ software

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Data Evaluation

Compare, manipulate and integrate your analytical data

Our PeakView™ software helps you analyze your chromatography (GC) data and mass spectrometry (MS, GC-MS) data to capture relevant information for displays and reports.


Chromatogram Evaluation

Compare chromatograms from multiple oil samples

ReserView™ software enables you to view and compare multiple gas chromatograms, calculate diagnostic peak-pair ratios, perform statistical analyses, and graphically display your results.


ReserView™ software