Geochemical Lab Analysis

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Improve exploration and production strategies through advanced geochemical analysis

Our geochemical techniques can help identify undiscovered reserves and bypassed hydrocarbons in conventional and unconventional plays. To guide your exploration and production strategies, our global network of laboratories provides a full range of petroleum geochemistry analytical services, including total organic carbon, programmed pyrolysis, vitrinite reflectance, high-resolution gas chromatography, biomarker assessments, and more.



Source Rock Geochemistry

Reduce E&P risk through geochemical analysis

We offer a full spectrum of geochemical testing and interpretation services. Our capabilities include total organic carbon analysis, source rock analysis, organic petrology, solvent extraction, Fischer assay analysis, and more.


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Source Rock Geochemistry

Geochemical Analyses of Produced Fluids

Evaluate the chemical makeup of oils and associated liquids

We are experts in petroleum fluid geochemistry. Our services range from detailed molecular fingerprinting, high-resolution gas chromatography, and biomarker analysis, to API gravity determination, SARA analysis and elemental analysis.


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Geochemical Analyses of Produced Fluids

Geochemical Analyses of Gases

Evaluate the chemical makeup of gases

We offer a global network of laboratories and experienced staff to provide high-resolution isotopic gas composition analysis, stable isotope analysis, and more.


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Geochemical Analyses of Gases


Solve complex E&P problems through geochemistry

Our OilTracers® geoscientists specialize in integration of geochemical, geological, and engineering data to solve difficult exploration, production, development, and abandonment issues. OilTracers experts can help you evaluate charge risk, identify biomarkers, assess reservoir compartmentalization, solve completion problems, and much more.


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Geochemistry Software

Integrate and evaluate highly specialized lab data

Integrate and evaluate geochemical, core, and other specialty lab data. We offer a variety of software packages to help you manage and analyze complex data sets.


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