Play Type

Succeed in any type of play

Our full range of field and laboratory services addresses your challenges in conventional, unconventional, deepwater, and other types of plays. We combine expert sampling and analysis personnel and industry-leading technologies to help you maximize production in any type of play.


Develop a comprehensive understanding of your conventional reservoir

Conventional plays require accurate laboratory analysis and petrophysical and geochemical interpretations to assess reservoir potential. Our services can help transform conventional challenges and uncertainty into quantified, qualified, and productive assets.


Analyze core and fluid samples here


Fully investigate your unconventional prospects

From advanced wellsite handling and preservation techniques, to laboratory protocols developed specifically for these plays, we provide the most accurate data and evaluations for unconventional reservoirs.


Gain deeper insight into complex reservoirs here



Evaluate cores from deepwater plays

As a leader in core retrieval and analysis, we have the expertise to retrieve deepwater cores, and arrays of advanced laboratory protocols for analyzing the full spectrum of core properties.


Retrieve, transport and analyze deepwater cores and samples here


Other play types

Evaluate prospects in any type of play

We offer a full range of core and fluid analysis options and provide customized evaluations for assessing your reservoir. We can help you optimize recovery, regardless of play type.


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Other play types